Chapter 162

Wang Fang didn’t know what to make up with these.

He don’t know what to do.

His reports! That’s all he could think about?! Do he really need this to be in the reports?! This is an incest and a sin?!

Fykd?! Why is this happening to him?!

Why do he needs to be so naughty to film his dear sworn brother!

He is now regretting this! What he don’t know will never hurt and this thing will never be written on the report.

He is sure of uncle Li were to find this out he will sure kill Li Jun?!… Because he loves Gu Jiao more than Li Jun that he was sure.

And elder Li will surely get his baby shotgun out of the closet to blast Li Jun into dust dirtying his baby princess Jiao’er.

And that b*tch (referring to Gu Fan) will surely used this to strip of Li Jun everything!

He could image thousands of scenario where Li Jun will die of horrible death.

Even though he knew Li Jun will die he was sure he will report this to his father.

Well he needs to report this after all family comes first.

‘ I’m sorry my sworn brother I hope you can understand this will also be for your own good. The earlier the two of you be separated will be not as painful as you do when you became deeply involve more than you do. Brother Li Jun I’ll accept any punishment you do to me just please don’t kill my pitiful life and please spare my face that’s all that I have that was tolerable to look at. If in this lifetime my sin to you is not enough compensation then in the next lifetime I’ll also follow you.’

While Wang Fang was silently praying for his life. He was already making a call to his father.

Wang Fang hearts grew nervous as the other end of the phone continued to ring on his ears.

Thump- thump- thump-

Wang Fang could hear his heartbeat and it was deafening in his ears.

When the call got connected his, Wang Fang grip his phone tightly, his knuckles were already white and cold.

He took a deep breath when he heard his father.

Wang Fang: “I need to report something regarding Li Jun.”

Father Wang who could hear his serious tone was silent for a while.

Father Wang: “Come to my office. We’ll talk about it here.”

Wang Fang felt the pain in his heart. He wants to be a friend to Li Jun who stick together but this kind of situation he needs to stay firm.

He can’t let his dear friend to be led astray. As early as possible he will make Li Jun realize that what he was doing is wrong.

If Li Jun will really blame him this time he can’t do anything about it. Even if he lost his friendship as long as his friend will stay in the right path he will risk it.

As his sworn brother he won’t let Li Jun destroy himself. Even if it’s with the adorable Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao is also after all still a teenager who was easily confused.

Gu Jiao, he believes will wake up one day and realize this, then what would happen to Li Jun if that ever happens.

Just thinking about it Wang Fang is sure Li Jun’s world will crumble. And before that happens he will make his move to straight things up.

If he needs to use force then he will do it.

With his renewed determination Wang Fang get his things. He double check the computer to make sure this secret won’t ever be taken by anyone especially those who wants to hurt Li Jun and Gu Jiao.

Then lastly he took the flash drive, grip it on his palm and safe secure it on his pocket.

Wang Fang made his way out and went to the elevators direction with quick and resolute steps.


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