Chapter 161

Wang Fang soul flew out of his body. He was the right hand man that his father entrust to be an “eye” to Li Jun.

He was not entirely sure what kind of relationship does the Wang Family and the Li Family that the Wang Family need to be a subordinate under Li Jun.

But because when he first met the cold and strict Li Jun. He didn’t like him, Li Jun was not a sociable child after all, who would want to be with someone who was so quiet, he was after all a bundle of energy and the adults wants him to be with someone who was quiet? So him as an energetic child just endured being with Li Jun everytime he visit to their house or Li Jun to theirs keeping out of each other’s way.

When he was being bullied as he remembered during their kindergarten days only Li Jun stood behind him, though he didn’t really do anything and just stand behind him.

The childrens that bullies him were driven away. He guess only Li Jun could full that up, scaring away people just by standing. After that incident he became curious of him.

Then as time passes he grew fonder of him as friend especially when he learned that his mother just died with him on the mountain.

He didn’t really know what happen to Li Jun and his mom in the mountain he only knows the general situation.

Li Jun’s mom got kidnap. The kidnappers didn’t ask for ransom and he wasn’t sure what they want the elders didn’t share that to him.

After a few days of negotiating, the day of the said transaction something went wrong his mother tried to run away with Li Jun in tow then the transaction fell apart.

After a few more days of no news of Li Jun and his mothet. The elders said that when they got to his location. Li Jun was in a cave with his mother who was bloodied and was already dead.

They said Li Jun who was found at the back of the cave in a secret place that was noth easily found, was just sitting their in the dark looking blankly on his mothers direction without making any sound.

They feared that Li Jun witness his own mother’s death at the hands of the killer.

When he woke up he didn’t remember anything was became silent than ever. He wouldn’t talked, he will just answer of what he was ask to.

When Wang Fang learned that, him as a boy even though he don’t understand the whole thing knows that he was a strong child.

He observe Li Jun and got to know him better even though he don’t talk much and was strict and was quiet.

Li Jun is a kind boy. When he saw him being bullied he would come to him to make other children stop. Li Jun who was task to keep an eye on him as his playmate did his task seriously.

So him as a boy knew he could stick around to him as he grew to know him the more he like him. They became friends and his friend became his sworn brother as time passes.

Wang Fang could feel a headache is coming his way. He was Li Jun’s subordinate and of course a spy to his father on keeping track to Li Jun’s action.

Li Jun knew that he was task to make a report about him and submit this to his father. So he was not guilty about this and he thought that maybe the elders just don’t want the incident when he was a child to happen again.

Maybe uncle Li just wants to make sure that Li Jun is always safe.

And maybe that was Li Jun’s reason for bullying him to much. That petty man was holding this against him, he just knew it.

He knows Li Jun is a privy person but was keeping his cool on this whole matter for the elders peace of mind.

And after all even if Li Jun was being monitored nothing really interfere in his life. Maybe those reports he made really are just for if there will be unusual happenings around him. That needs to be of a major concern for the elders

After all his mother’s killer is still out there on the loose and Li Jun’s life is still in danger.


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