Chapter 160

When Wang Fang arrive on the IT department. No one is around because it was the weekends.

He decide to do his crime here because their company security is one too of the notch because the one who design it was Li Jun himself.

And any files on the company computer that were unnecessary were filtered by the bot and would be deleted after an hour and won’t be deleted before the computer bot could do that he will save the video on a flash drive.

An he needs the help of their tech department head to do his plan. He would never let him watch it, he will just let him retrieve it. He was no immortal genius that could work on techs, he was not Li Jun who was the jack of all trades.

His line of ability only lies on being a businessman. But things like this, he would need to call help. What a sad truth.

Why does Li Jun have all those ability!? Was he sleeping when the gods and immortals were giving away skills and ability? What a depressing situation he was in.

Wang Fang was able to meet the IT head of department.

He let the guy do the wonders and he just sat there sweating coldly. He didn’t move his sight out of his employee who was typing in a speed of light. Even though Wang Fang was feeling dizzy with how fast his hand is he didn’t let his eyes blink even for a second fearing that there would be a mishap in any other way.

When the screen suddenly lit up and show a cinema in the video other than the screen in black full of codes.

Wang Fang new his employee succeeded on retrieving the video. He quickly made him stand up close the video before the hacker could even glimpse anything and copied the video.

Then Wang Fang payed him for the extra job he made for him then let him go home.

Making sure no one is around anymore Wang Fang sat on the swivel chair and open the video file. While waiting for it to be finish in being transfer he decided to watch what was the content. He still have an hour before the files in the computer be deleted or he himself will delete it just to be sure.

When the video start Wang Fang could see his that was arranging his phone hurriedly then the scene change and he could see Li Jun and Gu Jiao sitting, after a few minutes of of watching Wang Fang grew bored.

He could only see the usual action Li Jun do when he was with Gu Jiao seriously all hope was being lost every minute the video was closing to its end.

Wang Fang wasn’t even sure what he was trying to find or catch in this video. He was just hoping something could be here that could be hold against his dear friend.

He really did become a desperate man!? What a sad truth? He just don’t want to be bullied for once.

He was about to close the video but seeing that at the background it was his favorite part of the movie where the protagonist will kiss the heroine goodbye for one last time before she was taken by death, Wang Fang’s eyes are growing misty again but he tried to supressed it.

He look down and caught something surprising on his sight!

Fygk! What!? In heavens is Li Jun doing to Gu Jiao!?

Why is he eating her face?!


Wang Fang was frozen to his place. He blink and blink to make sure it was not  hallucinations, his tears that were about to fall out were taken back to his tear glands.

He suddenly sprang up on his sit.

He couldn’t believe this! He knows Li Jun was so fond of his little sister that it was sickening. But he didn’t know that it was this sick!


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