Chapter 16


Li Cheng being a filial child, the first thing he did when he returned was to look for his old man, at that time Li Wei was polishing the chess pieces with butler Sheng and chatting about botany, they seemed to be planning to take care of the greenhouse now that summer was coming. Li Cheng’s eyes showed a smile, before this his old man would never enjoy such leisure when he was still the chairman but now seeing his old man like this he’s satisfied knowing he was able to live a relax and carefree life:”Dad, I’m home.”

“Mm, your wife’s passed with Jiao’er has been thoroughly been investigated,”Li Wei did not even lift his head.

Butler Sheng upon seeing the Li Cheng invited him to sit down and served him a cup of tea, tirelessly he said:”The investigator had done a thorough job about her, the missus’ lack of knowledge regarding little miss was due to her abandoning her child after birth letting her mother and her brother to bring up little miss.”

“Abandoned?”Li Cheng’s tone was calm and he drank his tea.

“Yes, her brother was the one who brought up little miss, she then returned to work in the company as secretary and never gave little miss a visit or a call nor any kind of financial support.”

As butler Sheng finished speaking, he took out some papers from a desk:”These were the data regarding missus, young master you can take it back to take a look.”

“No need,”Li Cheng trusted his family the most, he stood up:”Dad, let’s go down together to have dinner? Gu Fan made your favourite fish.”

Li Wei gave a look asking didn’t you hear the report properly?

Li Cheng released a deep sighed and gave a justification to his action: ” Don’t worry father I heard it loud and clear what grievance my little princess went through I will make sure it was repaid properly.”

Li Wei who was satisfied to his answer smile. Gu Fan, you have deprived me the joy of raising my granddaughter, I had to hesitate even when I wanted to spoil Gu Jiao, this sort of feeling, you should pay it properly, Li Wei laughed with a melancholy complexion.

“Ah. Li Cheng before we go down I have a very wonderful idea regarding Jiao’er and Li Jun.”

The talked sincerely about the two children. Li Wei who was tired regarding their discussion let Li Cheng return to the main house for dinner.

Dinner was made by Gu Fan, she had received so much grief in the morning, but as per usual she still worked hard at night for the family to redeem herself of what happen during breakfast. Li Cheng upon seeing her working hard to please every body gave her a profound look.

On the other side, Gu Jiao who was again inside Li Jun’s room was as satisfied as a little kitten, she closed her eyes as she savoured the red pocket in her hands. Soooo thick! bwahahaha… money money! come give your mother a hug! (っಠ‿ಠ)っ

Li Jun upon seeing the satisfied and contented look on easily deceive girl, reach his hand and the red pocket on his side table and gave it to Gu Jiao waiting and watching attentively to the little once reaction.

Gu Jiao upon seeing another red pocket in front of her that is thicker than the red pocket in her hands grab it fast like thirsty person drinking water on a dry desert. 

As if awoken by her conscience she gave at her big brother with a questioning  look.

Li Jun: “If you want it take it.”

Gu Jiao eyes sparkled like a Christmas tree: “Really?”

Li Jun just gave a nod. 

Gu Jiao wasn’t a polite person if there is an opportunity of getting more money why not grab it. So she happily counted her other red pocket.

Li Jun who is watching attentively soften his eyes that gave a tender glint without him knowing. Li Jun gave a light rob to Gu Jiao’s head as if spoiling her more. 

Gu Jiao didn’t gave it a thought and just happily continued counting money.

Gu Jiao: “Right! Before I forgot big brother as promise what do you want me to do as exchange for your help?”

Li Jun eyes flashed: “Mm… I haven’t taught about it yet.”

Gu Jiao taught of an idea to get closer to her golden thigh.

Gu Jiao: “How about I think about what to give big brother something?”

Li Jun gave a curious glance at her.

Gu Jiao with a mischievous eyes pounce Li Jun and gave Li Jun a kiss on his cheeks.


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