Chapter 159

Wang Fang was blinded by the light coming from his window.

He was lazy to get up it was a weekend. He lazily stretch on the bed and got his phone to look at the time and check if he miss any messages and calls. It was his habit to do so every morning.

Wang Fang got confused when he saw that it was dead. He lazily rise up and lean on the headboard while plugging his phone on the charger.

He was confused because he was sure that before he took his brother and girlfriend out yesterday his battery was still full. What did he do to make his phone out of battery?

Wang Fang contemplated for awhile. He thought deeply and recalled everything yesterday even the humiliating part of being left alone to fend for himself.

Wang Fang narrowed his eyes and quickly turned on his phone. He was anxious because he forgot to save and check the recording he did in the cinema! Fudge!

After going through to that kind of embarrassment without any compensation is so….

He would really send a letter of complaint to the God! Gods! Goddesses! Creator! Or who ever is responsible to his fate.

Such cruelty! Why does it feels like he was the only one who was really unlucky among his friends?

Even his brother who had the same blood as him is nit this unlucky he even have the luck to find a kind beautiful girlfriend to love him.

When the phone his phone opened he quickly search to his albums when he saw a video file that was dated yesterday he quickly click it to see.

But sadly on error was showing up fir him to watch, Wang Fang wants to smash his phone on the wall right he remembered that he called his brother when he went to the bathroom. But for him to forget to save the video so ridiculous!

He is never going to watch romantic movie ever again! He swear to his heart! May thunder burn him to hell if he did!

Wang Fang was depressed, he tried to salvage it. He called the tech team of his company and ask if they could recover the broken file.

Suddenly when his employee said it can be retrieve. Wang Fang sprang up immediately from his bed and quickly put some clothes while going out of his room.

He immediately get his keys and wallet then run like his life depends on it.

He don’t know why he was so eager to fix that broken file. He knows his friend Li Jun was an upright person who has a dull on track of life but maybe just maybe there will be something that he could use to salvage his soul to his mercy when the time comes.

Wang Fang was praying to the Gods! Goddesses and immortal for his wish to be granted he wants to save his little pitiful life even if it only once that would be enough.

He promise not to be greedy he would really just used it to save his life for once.

Or else Li Jun would really kill him by his own hands. If he continue to pester him with the same blackmail material.

And if Li Jun knows about him being film secretly he would and could hack his phone and delete all his precious file along the video.

So Wang Fang thought that he should definitely only need to copy it on a single flashdrive that was encrypted with utmost security.

That person with his pettiness universe as bug as the universe, Wang Fang would definitely be doomed if there will be a second one.

He was sure Li Jun would let it slide the first time giving him face as friend but a second one is a no go. That is Wang Fangs dooms day….

After Wang Fang had decided he quickly drive to the company to execute his plan for a last grace of mercy.


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