Chapter 158

Wang Fang was lamenting how heartless Li Jun and younger Wang could be.

They were even busy coaxing their female companion.

The movie that they were watching was a movie about a boy and his true love.

The boy and the girl were childhood sweet heart the first few minutes of the movie were cringed full of sweet love scene of wooing and chasing it was so sickeningly sweet that Wang Fang wants to puke.

He was already seeing it at home with his brother even seeing it to in the school and the office courtesy of Li Jun now he was even watching it.

Heavens such punishment, his single dog life is also sickening why did he not any romantic relationship with girls.

But when the story progress to its climax where the girl was diagnosed of incurable illness the protagonist and Wang Fangs heart is in pain.

He can’t watch that without crying who would want there love ones to die and they even just started going out.

There love is so heart breaking that his heart break for them to. And when the movie ends where the girl died Wang Fang was bawling his eyes out.

If he ever have a friend like the protagonist who stayed firm to his love even after the girls death he would support him to his undying love that is for sure it’s a promise to his heart.

When the movie ends the girls on the cinema are crying their hearts out. Mostly the girls with their male companion are trying to coax them to stop crying.

But only Wang Fang was in the male species who was crying his heart out.

When others heard him they were looking at Wang Fang oddly. When Wang Fang felt the gazes he look around seeing that he was the only male crying he felt a sudden blood rush on his cheeks.

He wants to dig a his on his seat, hey it was not his fault if he have a soft heart ok. But he was a straight man alright just have a heart of a jell-o.

Wang Fang look beside him to look for his brother. Sadly for him he can’t see his brother and his girl who was just beside him a few minutes ago.

Wang Fang eyes narrowed he look at Li Jun’s direction when he saw that Li Jun and Gu Jiao are also not there anymore.

Wang Fang sprang up from his seat, his tears quickly dried up. He panicky fix his things and rushingly got out of the theaters. He could feel the stares of the people each time he passes through them.

He run to the nearest bathroom and sat on one of the cubicle. Wang Fang embarrassingly  put his hands on his face.

Should he make a suicide note and end his life. He feels that even if he didn’t hang himself right now he would die in embarrassment.

He called his brother, when the phone connected he immediately scold younger Wang.

Wang Fang: “Why did you left me alone there?!”

Younger Wang: “I don’t know such a man who was bawling his heart out in the cinema. who are you by the way? Please don’t call me again. I don’t have such a brother….”

Younger Wang coldly replied to him, Wang Fang wants to strangle his brother. Wang Fang readied himself to scold again but younger Wang beat him first.

Young Wang: “Oh, by the way please don’t find us anymore. Me and my girlfriend are going on a date your role today is done. Thanks for paying for the movie. Ohh and you don’t have a honor as a man. What if you were with your girlfriend? Your the one who was more noisy crying than the girl it was an embarrassment you should get a girl who is more manly than you so someone could coax you to stop. Bye.”

Wang Fang: “……..”

Then the heartless sound of toot… Toot.. toot.. followed Wang Fangs heart was bleeding. Every sound on the phone was stabbing his soft jell-o heart.

Why does everyone is bullying him?! Is he so easily push around. He was no push over d@mn it.

Wang Fang just dejectedly went home and just slept his sorrow away after that.


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