Chapter 157

Wang Fang could feel that his back was sweating coldly. He don’t know why he could feeling an ominous air surrounding him.

Did Li Jun found him? But he made sure that his place can’t be seen by them.

Wang Fang squint his eyes on Li Jun’s back to see if he was caught by him.

He breath a sigh of relief when Li Jun was busy patting the now crying Gu Jiao who was brought to tears by some stupid scene on the movie.

Seriously he don’t understand why girls cry to this shallow scene. It was fringing cringing.

But good thing his friend did not discover him or else he is dead. Even though he didn’t particularly did anything to piss Li Jun’s got. Wang Fang could feel that just him being here could already make Li Jun be piss with him.

Why does that sound so sad? His life is really to pitiful he couldn’t even enter a theater with peace he still need to risk his life…

Wang Fang positioned his phone and put it on the night vision to Li Jun and Gu Jiao’s direction.

He wants to see how do Li Jun would cringe so he could use it to blackmail him… Fufufu…

He could use it to show to Li Jun’s beloved sister hehe, if he was bullied by him he would used this to escape his impending death.

Younger brother Wang saw his older brother who was sneakily doing something suspicious. Younger Wang was frowning he reach his hand to shake his brother to reality.

Wang Fang was shock where he wanted to die on a sudden heart attack with his heart thumping loudly and guiltily look to whoever touch him.

Looking at his younger questioning gaze he guiltily cough to hide his guilty conscience.

Wang Fang and straighten his back good thing he was able to fix his phone on the drink holder beside him before his brother saw what he was doing.

He pretended and acted shamelessly of not doing anything suspicious, he look to his brother and returned his questioning gaze.

Although the younger Wang was suspicious of his brother’s movement he returned his attention to the movie and his girlfriend and decided to ignore his big brother.

Wang Fang breath a sigh of relief. When his brother turned his attention away from him.

Looking down to the things he prepared if it was catching and in a nice position, when everything is in place Wang Fang force himself to watch the movie to avoid the people around him looking at his suspicious movement.

Wang Fang just decided to watch his ‘film’ when he get home as to not attract the attention of his actor and actress.

After a minutes Wang Fang had already forgotten to breath, his snots is all over his face.

Hot tears is pouring down of his tear glands. He was so engross on the movie that he had forgotten his companion. And his evil dark plan of capturing Li Jun.

Wang Fang’s heart bleeds for the protagonist of the movie. He couldn’t believe that the movie was so heart moving he don’t understand why was his little brother was not touch at all…

Looking beside him and seeing his brother’s girlfriend crying his heart out. Wang Fang felt relieved he was not the only on who was heartbroken for the main character.

Looking on the front he saw Gu Jiao who was seating on Li Jun’s lap with puffy eyes that was still crying.

Look his brother and Li Jun are heartless only him have the heart to cry for the tragic story of the protagonist even the girls understand how heartbreaking the protagonists went through.

Tsk! These men are so heartless. He alone was the only one who has the heart!


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