Chapter 156

Wang Fang couldn’t believe Li Jun is also inside the theater watching.

He made sure that it was really Li Jun who was in front of him.

And because he was amazed that by twist of fate he was here he went near him to observe what the heck he was doing inside this theater.

Did the sun rise from the west and fate was playing with him. Li Jun his ever so cold and strict friend, boss and role model was in a romantic movie theater.

Those full of cringe dog food scene that torture single dogs like him?

Ok… In this situation he would bet that Li Jun is here because 99.99% is that Gu Jiao wants to watch this movie. And his ever so loving friend who loves his sister so much was also force to watch this romantic sh*t.

Wang Fang then slowly extend his neck to look beside his friend to confirm his analysis.

When he saw Gu Jiao he wants to jump in success of having hit the mark.

Heaven is still somewhat on his side for his friend to unknowingly share his misery inside the movie.

Li Jun your really is a true friend. My friend let’s cheers for our misery.

Wang Fang then rise his cola drink at the back of Li Jun and imaginarily make a toast to Li Jun’s direction.

He was somewhat happy that he was not the only one who was suffering his ever loving sis-con friend is here to share his burden and could provide some fun on him.

Wang Fang took out his phone to capture some ugly angle on Li Jun’s face for future blackmail materials he could use.

Wang Fang could see that Li Jun’s brow was twitching ever so slightly on every over those sugary scene on the FL and ML part.

He could feel Li Jun frustration but somehow his dear friend could still full off the expressionless face. Tsk! He truly admire him if he didn’t know Li Jun for over so many years that every twitching of his brow has corresponding meaning he would be able to guess that Li Jun right now is frustrated.

Wang Fang is happy because his friend is unhappy. Is this the revenge he was waiting for. Now he could watch how his dear friend could eat such lost on this dog food scene that he keeps on feeding him.

Huh?! You should have a taste of your own medicine you damn b*astar!?

Huh now heaven is on his side! He didn’t even have to do anything for him to get his revenge.

He even have a literal popcorn and cola to enjoy the show that was in front of him.

Wang Fang thought that Gu Jiao is really his blessing in disguise and his road for revenge to his arrogant and mighty friend.

Maybe he should buy her some ice cream specially her favorite vanilla flavor for this unintentional favor she did for him.

Wang Fang who was contemplating while watching his friend who continuedly twitch his brow in annoyance to the movie.

Li Jun who was annoyed to death of the movie was helpless. If he go out his little sister would make a fuss later when they got home and by any chance would demand he won’t sleep on their bedroom because of this.

Li Jun is not taking any chance that he would be kick out of the bedroom even the slightest reason for this little rabbit to kick him out.

He would rather cringe in annoyance for the movie than give her a reason to throw a tantrum later.

But why does Li Jun felt that he was not only annoyed because of the movie why does he feel like someone is making fun of him. Li Jun’s face is getting darker on every minute pass.


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