Chapter 155

Wang Fang was also at the theater. He was annoyed that he was drag here by his brother who wants to watch movie with his girlfriend.

He was annoyed because first this couple have no mercy for single dog like him the second and most annoying thing was he was already being tortured by them they even have the audacity to make him their personal wallet for their date.

Do he look like a bank?!

And why does single dogs like him have to be force to watch this couples dog food tortuously. Even a 16 year old boy like his brother have a girlfriend why does he don’t have one?! D*mn?! He even have to sacrifice his wallet for this dogs couples happiness?!

Heaven so unfair. When would you be so kind to me and end this suffering he was going through right now.

Or is it not the heaven’s fault? Was it his fault? Is he not handsome enough? Not rich enough?

Why does no girl was trying to seduce him?!

Wang Fang was lamenting in his heart while waiting for his two companion to buy their ticket.

When he saw his brother who had a sour look on his face, he couldn’t help but look at him questioningly.

His younger brother just gave his ticket while rolling his eyes.

When Wang Fang read the title on the ticket he wants to fly to the moon. Or better yet hide on a hole and cringe his limbs all night.

Fudge heaven’s please don’t send any girlfriend on my path I take back my complaint awhile ago.

I don’t ever want to watch a Romantic Movie Everytime I have a date with her. Heavens! It’s torture!

Wang Fang look back at his brother blinking a couple of times communicating through the secret arts that only boys could understand.

But before Wang Fang could even made his exit and tell this to his brother. His brother little gf look back at them.

Smiling at them happily while ushering for them to make their steps faster.

The Wang brother doesn’t have the hurt to hurt the little madam of today so they brace themselves and entered the movie theater.


Wang Fang couldn’t believe that he was also seating on the prime seat exclusive for VIP purchase tickets.

He wants to cry but lack the tears.

He even have a nice view of the movie. He couldn’t believe this.

Fudge for being a kind brother.

He don’t want to be a kind brother anymore.

Why do the heaven is always against him? What did he do in his past life to deserve this torture?

Was he an evil official that made the common people suffer in his previous life?

This was really unfair he want a reimbursement for this ticket?! He wants to watch the other movie in the next movie theater where heroes are revere on the screen. Not this romantic movie were every scene was dog food…

Just thinking about this type of movie is enough for Wang Fang to cough blood and rise all his hair on every part of his body.

Sadly, for him he couldn’t move to go to the other theater because the light dim and the show was about to start.

Wang Fang was then imprisoned inside the theater where he cringe every second of it.

He was about to dig a funeral hole for his own corpse but something caught his attention.

He could see a familiar figure two row before him. Maybe he was hallucinating because he couldn’t believe that he would be here watching this kind of movie.

Wang Fang blink a few times and rub his eyes to make sure he was not having an illusion due to excessive dog food on the screen.

When he was sure that he was not hallucinating. Wang Fang’s mouth was left open due to shock.


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