Chapter 154

Gu Jiao was bow at the dining table with a blackened face. She wants to sulk like there’s no tomorrow.

Why does she continue to eat loses when facing her brother.

After coming this week in her brother’s apartment her whole world was turned upside down.

And she continuously ate loses every time she wants to take revenge.

Li Jun wants to tease her more but after what happened last night he refrained himself if he continue to tease her, he would be kick out of their bed later tonight and he could have that after scheming to be alone with her.

Li Jun thought he needs to satisfy his sister thirst for revenge or else he would really eat loses in the end.

Li Jun think how he would make the grumpy Gu Jiao happy to dispel her dissatisfaction.

He thought for a little more while but at the end he just ask her: “Jiao’er brother will pamper you today… Where do you want to go?”

Suddenly Gu Jiao’s world that is full of darkness brightened up with her brother’s questions.

She remembered she wants to watch a movie that is now being shown in the theaters, she thought she would never have the chance to watch it but fate still loves her dearly presenting an opportunity for her to watch it and with a bonus of a date with her brother!

Gu Jiao jump out of her sit and made her way to Li Jun’s lap and suck up to him.

Gu Jiao: “Brother! I wanna watch a movie that was being shown today. It was the last viewing. Will you accompany me. Please!”

Gu Jiao pitifully beg to Li Jun her pride of being a snobby princess who wants to revenge was thrown.

Gu Jiao thought that her pride was being repeatedly thrown outside her imaginary windows this day.

Gu Jiao tilt her head imaginary-ly to the side. But thinking the door of opportunities for her to watch the movie she just throw her worry at the back of her mind and continue sucking up to her brother.

Li Jun who couldn’t help but watch how his sister suck up to him so she could get what she wants. Even though she really doesn’t do this he would still accompany her to watch the movie she wants to watch.

But watching her did her best in sucking up on him was still addicting. Maybe he should resist a for a few more minutes. Let this cute little bunny jump around spreading cuteness all around him.

So the poor Gu Jiao keep sucking up to Li Jun who couldn’t resist on extending the minutes watching her. Gu Jiao ended up sucking on her brother for full 60 minutes.

Li Jun who had mercifully agreed to Gu Jiao after one long hours of her hard work was still unsatisfied but watching her sister become hoarse on flattering him his heart couldn’t hold on anymore and let Gu Jiao be freed from sucking up.

The two went out to the theater Gu Jiao was the one who bought the ticket. Li Jun first insisted that he was the one who will buy the ticket.

But our little Jiao couldn’t have that she reasonably said that how could she choose if he was the one who will buy it.

So Li Jun just made a bee line to the snack area while waiting for Gu Jiao.

When Gu Jiao was done they made their way inside the cinema.

Gu Jiao happily skip step walking inside while Li Jun was frowning trying to remember the title of the movie that are being shown right now.

He have a bad premonition while remembering the movies that are lined up for this month.


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