Chapter 153

Gu Jiao eyes fluttered before opening slowly. Morning light coming from the window blinded her.

Making herself adjust on the morning sunshine she slowly rose up. Gu Jiao who was still in a daze and was still half asleep rub her eyes to get the dust on her eyes.

When the little dust was taken she blinked making her eyes moist. A yawn and a few stretching of limb further woke her up…

Looking around she notice the dent thinking of the person that slept beside her she remembered the things happened last night.

Gu Jiao quickly dive on the blankets. She suffocating herself and restraining her voice. She groaned and was now trembling in embarrassment.

She couldn’t believe she did that thing and she was still the loser in the end. She don’t want to show her face to her brother. She would rather die than show this face of her.

She maybe thick face in front of her brother but there is a limit how thick her face can be.

She won’t do those things again making herself loose her pride in the end.

Because of that thing happening the mood was destroyed in the end they had just fallen asleep after a few eating of tofu here and there.

Such a shame she was already tasting her way thru the heaven but because the evil fate intervened her virginity was still intact. She wants to pile a complaint! This old aunty is already so old in mentality and was living for over 30 years but still a virgin.

Gu Jiao knows Li Jun was restraining himself because in his eyes she was still young. Gu Jiao just wants to lament the unfairness of life where she still have to wait just to loose her virginity to her strict brother.

She has proven Li Jun’s restraint last night she clearly felt how much he wants to eat her up but sadly he was to dedicated to his principle to really eat her up.

She was already having fun teasing him but sadly her karma came sooner than expected in the end she became a laughing stock in front of her brother and that d@mn brother of her didn’t even gave her face, he even laugh at her boisterously.

It was a good thing his laugh was like a music in her ears and his laughing expression is so handsome that it was worth the pain on her hips.

Gu Jiao heard the door being opened. She took a peek under the sheets, when she saw it was the very person she don’t want to see right now. She immediately close the gap and screamed.

Li Jun rise his one eyebrow when he heard a muffled sound under the blanket. He saw his turtle sister who was eaten by embarrassment.

He was amuse with her antics they were really entertaining he just wants to watch her the whole day doing her things.

If Gu Jiao heard what was on his mind she would clearly scold him and shout Am I a magic clown that you hired to amuse you!!!….

Sadly Gu Jiao was still busy sulking under the sheets scolding herself for being such an embarrassment for the woman society.

Li Jun cough to dispel his thought and made his way on the bed to get Gu Jiao for breakfast.

He poke the mountain of sheet first.

The little mountain just trembled a little but after that it stayed the same.

Then he shake the mountain but sadly the mountain just rolled a little then the sheet around it was tightened clearly tightening its defense.

Li Jun face blackened, he look up at the clock which clearly stated that if they miss this hour it would be closer to lunch time and Gu Jiao would miss one meal of the day. That would be unhealthy. He couldn’t have that it would disrupt her body clock and she would clearly eat a lot during lunch where she’ll make herself too bloated.

Gu Jiao was surprised by the sudden silence of her surrounding. She was about to take a peek outside to see what was her brother planning about.

Suddenly the soft mattress was getting further away from her face and she could feel that she was already flying the next thing she knows a hard object was in her stomach and her eyes are facing her brothers butt.


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