Chapter 152

Gu Jiao was even more in a bad mood in the evening. Her face was so red in annoyance.

She just breath a sigh to distinguish her annoyance and thought of another way to get revenge her brother was on the study to read some documents.

She got her phone and research on beidu some other way to get revenge.

She read so many article on revenge and was somehow directed on a site of erotic romance with revenge on the title Gu Jiao who was bored out of her mind read it.

It was about a woman who wants to revenge with her scum of fiancee who chose her half sister. The protagonist decide to seduce to the scum fiancee and make her choose her rather than her sister. The she leave him after she was successful and found another man that will truly cherish her.

Gu Jiao who finish reading it was suddenly got a very nice idea! Fufufufufu… She made another research on how to seduce an immortal male god to complete her idea.

Gu Jiao who was given an inspiration strive to plan out her revenge on him. She went on reading many article based in seduction enthusiastically.

After a few hours, Li Jun who was on the study at long last finish his work.

He looks at the clock and was surprised how late it was. He wasted to much time with this document and had forgotten to care for his sister maybe she was now bored out of her mind and thought of another way to throw tantrum.

Li Jun sigh deeply although he wants to eat more tofu after neglecting her for too long maybe he should let her get her way this time maybe coaxing her a little would also make him able to little a little of her tofu.

Li Jun didn’t know the blessing that was awaiting him on their bedroom. So after mentally preparing himself to coax his unreasonable sister.

Li Jun made his way up to the master bedroom when he didn’t see Gu Jiao at the living room.

While taking a step closer to the room he felt an inkling feeling that tonight he would be tortured until morning.

Li Jun shook his head to dispel the thought and continued. He thought that his sister is not to bright fir her to think of something that could make him suffer with her open book emotions he could read her emotions and the things she would do.

So he open the door and was surprised by the darkness that govern the room only the light from the small candles that was flickering in the wind lights the room and a slow seductive song was being played on the background.

A nice mild smell of Gu Jiao body soap lingers in the air it tickled his nose.

Li Jun narrowed his eyes and look around to find the culprit. When he saw the figure on the bed his world was turned upside down.

Gu Jiao heard the door was slowly being opened she prepared herself and nervously position herself on the bed as the suggestion on some if the research she made.

She was so nervous were she could even hear her heart beating. But she encourage herself to be brave and confident she can do this. After seducing her brother to the peak she would run away from him making him endure having a massive hard on that he needs to take care himself. She would let him taste heaven and would make him fall on hell… Wahahaha…

Gu Jiao who wants to play with fire look up and saw Li Jun looking at her.

She smiled seductively and lift a few inches of her almost transparent nighties showing a little more of her legs.

Gu Jiao who was inviting a wolf didn’t know that at the end she would also eat losses the same as Li Jun.

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