Chapter 151

Li Jun just got home from the office.

He felt so tired from working. It was already morning and he just wants to lay down and sleep.

When he entered the apartment, the lights on the living room is still open he frowned and quickly made his way in. He was surprised to see Gu Jiao who was sleeping on the sofa.

Did she wait for me until she fell asleep here?

Li Jun felt a warm and sweet feeling flowing inside his heart. He sat beside her and watch her carefully some of his tiredness was swept away because of her.

Li Jun got up and lift her up to go their bedroom to sleep.

Li Jun laid Gu Jiao quietly on the bed and made his way on the bathroom to wash and clean himself. After that he returned on the bed looking softly in the sleeping figure.

He quietly laid down beside her and gather her in his arms. Kissing her forehead, nose and lastly her soft lips. Then contentedly let himself succumb by tired and fall asleep.

On the late afternoon Gu Jiao who was sitting on the sofa was in an annoyed mood, she was sulking and pouting her lips with her puffing cheeks.

She extremely annoyed from the first time she woke up and saw a peacefully sleeping Li Jun like there was nothing wrong in his world…

Gu Jiao watch Li Jun again who was enjoying his snack and the movie on the television it was a mystery movie.

Li Jun reach out his hands to get her and place her beside him when he felt the warmth coming from her. He settled more completely and snuggle on her not even taking his eyes away from the show.

Gu Jiao was even more annoyed. This d@mn man! Why does her brother was so unfeeling! Can’t he feel that she was ignoring him not wanting to talk to him!

She wants to be coax! Coax!!! Buhuhu… Where does her revenge had gone wrong!

She remember last night that she gad been awaiting his return to reprimand him about the sibling thing.

But because he had gone home very late she couldn’t fight her sleepiness and was defeated to dream land.

When she woke up this morning she couldn’t believe that she was already secure in his warm embrace so when she saw that she was not awaken yet she took the opportunity to cuddle and hug him tighter. She didn’t know that he was awake already and was just closing his eyed waiting for her to wake up!

The man even held her tighter and kisses her face and gave a little french kiss on her lips which she enjoy without guilt. But right after the kiss her opportunity to scold him was lost!

She was trying to find faults the whole morning so she could pretend to be angry and torture him so he would coax her but how can this man be so ignorant! So unfeeling!

Li Jun who was being scolded on Gu Jiao’s heart knows his sister is finding faults today he was able to deflect most of her unreasonable mood by being ignorant looking at her flush and annoyed face how couldn’t he know it when she was like and open book that shows everything on her face.

And Li Jun thought that she wants revenge because she was punish the other day that’s why she wants to get back at him. He don’t want to waste their precious time with her tantrum. He wants to cuddle her the whole day so he ignore her and just let her tantrum be thrown on the air like a puff of smoke.

Next time he would let her have her way but right now he wants more skinship with her.

Gu Jiao who was being eaten the whole afternoon just continue to sulk.


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