Chapter 150

… Gu Jiao returned to their apartment Li Jun isn’t still there.

Li Jun went back to the company because Wang Fang needs his help. He was annoyed when Gu Jiao just went by herself to have a date with their father.

Gu Jiao remember her dark face this morning before she went out. She could even feel that Wang Fang would perish again under Li Jun’s command. The poor Fang Fang. He really doesn’t know how to have a good timing he always shows up when her brother was in a bad mood. Oh wait let me correct myself. Brother Fang knows how to irritate her brother to the put his pitiful little life was always at Li Jun’s mercy.

Maybe that was one of Brother Fang’s skill making her brother wants to kill him. Such an admirable skill, she don’t want to acquire such skills she would rather remain unskilled than have that same skill as Wang Fang…

Gu Jiao happily went to their bedroom. She sat on the bed and took out her money she carefully laid it down in front of her on the bed while she sat on the middle.

She count again to make sure that she didn’t hallucinate. When she was satisfied she went to her safe that was beside Li Jun’s safe. And carefully kept it secure.

She went back to the bed and was bore, she couldn’t go out because of what she did the other day she was house a rest except she was with someone like her father or the body guards.

Gu Jiao doesn’t want people following her in every place she went. Her brother even hired a female body guard to follow her in the toilet. Tsk…

Gu Jiao just contented herself to stay inside the house.

She recalled the roller coaster and shocking revelation she learned today.

She still have a complicated feeling learning the truth. If this was really the case why did she ever fought on him in the past life? If Gu Fan know this she would fly over the roof.

Or maybe she would die from anger due to wasting her effort. Even now she knows very well her mother is planning something to tarnish Li Jun so he would fall in favor.

But Gu Jiao was puzzled why does her father didn’t tell Gu Fan nor her in her past life about this? 

Was it a confidential secret that the stake would be life and death?

As she thought deeply, Daddy Jie was seen as single in public and doesn’t have family he already is an orphan. Maybe this was the consequence of being a powerful man having lots of enemy that you even have to hide the truth regarding your family.

She doesn’t want to fry on their family secret. She wants to respect them that’s why she didn’t ask why Her Brother’s identity was complicated, she will wait for the time when everyone was ready to tell her about what happen in the past.

Gu Jiao quickly remember something that she promised herself awhile ago.

Right! She have to take revenge! Her brother had kept her in the dark and made her heart unease!

He even have the audacity to find a girlfriend while she stayed loyally single! Unfair!

Gu Jiao was unreasonably lamenting.

Gu Jiao thought of a plan how to exact revenge on him.

She wants to be petty to her hearts content.

Gu Jiao wants to be coax for her depressed days where she was thinking how sinful she had become. She wants to give him some of his own medicine. 

Gu Jiao mischievously thought of some idea what kind of revenge she would do while waiting for him.


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