Chapter 15


Butler Sheng set the board happily, then he stood behind Li Wei. Grandpa Li Wei look at the two child in front of him as if asking if they are ready to play.

Li Jun stood up then turn to Gu Jiao. With a swift movement she lift the little bunny then sat on Gu Jiao’s sit directly facing Grandpa Li. He spread his legs and hugged Gu Jiao on the waist so they can sit together. 

Gu Jiao wasn’t able to react and just pitifully toss on Li Jun’s front with a dumb pounded expression and a hanging mouth.  Even Grandpa Li and Butler Sheng has a surprise look on their faces.  (⑉⊙ȏ⊙)

‘What just happen?! Can someone please explain or narrate what exactly happen???’ ⊙▂⊙ Gu Jiao thought who still in shocked. Then she turned to Li Jun with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Li Jun gave her a briefly glance and said: “Its much easier to see like this. I would be able to properly play.” with a calm expression as if the nothing a big of a deal just happen. 

Gu Jiao’s blood begone to run to her neck warming her cheeks and ears, looking like an apple in shades of red, luckily she didn’t sit on top of his thighs, if not……that’ll be embarrassing, both grandpa and the butler was here, she’ll just take it as giving Li Jun some face for helping her to play chess against the two old man, and to be able to see such brotherly love in such a family would definitely make the elders happy. Right? So let’s pretend that Grandpa and butler Sheng don’t have a surprise look in their faces that loudly describe ‘Is this Li Jun?’ ◔̯◔

When the two old man recovered their composure, Li Wei just chuckled and a glint passed through his eyes as an idea was suddenly sprout. While butler Sheng just turned and  prepare some snacks. Butler Sheng prepared hastily, his face was beaming with a smile, and he hurried off to get busy. As to not embarrassed more the now red faces young lady.

There was a great disparity between their abilities, so it wasn’t hard to guess the results. Li Wei was a very loving grandpa, he turned a blind eye when his little grand daughter cheat his way to win. While Li Jun would instruct Gu Jiao to play and cheat her way out always giving signal to Grandpa Li and butler Sheng that the little bunny was about to cheat and they have to turn their heads to the side as to not see what’s happening.

Gu Jiao’s cheating escapade  run smoothly because of Li Jun.  Although it was not fair since they were cheating, the baby girl who’s happily bouncing felt wonderful in her heart. Knowing that her Grandpa just let her be and her big brother was there to back her up. Turning her head Gu Jiao gave Li Jun her sweetest smile. y(^ヮ^)y

Butler Sheng just contented his self watching the antics of the three people playing the chess even though they know what’s  happening secretly between the two children nobody brought it up, they were teasing Gu Jiao playfully, spoiling her to her hearts content, while eating some pastries, and drinking juice, having a good time.

When the game was over as expected Gu Jiao and Li Jun.  Li Wei just laughed out loud, it was time for his afternoon nap, Butler Sheng returned after sending Li Jun and GU Jiao out of the villa and Li Wei was currently pruning flowers with superb skill:”What do you think?” 

Butler Sheng: “She’s still young.”

 “No matter how young she is she’s still my biological granddaughter.” 

Butler Sheng understood, and so he sighed, no matter how outstanding Young Master Jun was, old gramps’ heart would still have a some misgiving, even if Gu Jiao was young she was still important, but it’s a shame that she was note very astute, pretending not to know what was being taught to her dodging the life lesson and asking her brother for help, her qualifications  are ordinary but negotiation wise she’s fine, if she had no talent then we might as well just spoil her with this rich life for a lifetime.

Butler Sheng: “We still have time and can prepare if the missus fall pregnant in the future! If that happen He will definitely be intelligent if we raise him well from early on.”

Li Wei did not speak as he watered his flowers, and his fingers slid over the verdant leaves thoughtfully. The future was unpredictable specially with his son and is wife’s relationship. Li Wei just gave a look as if telling what a wistful thinking. But if heavens permit a second child to be born that future child would become the only child to be born within the ancestral home, his identity is extraordinary and will be highly regarded, if he were to become as dazzling as Li Jun he would have to be raised by his side since a young age.


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