Chapter 15: Confrontation Part 2


The last time he kissed her while he was drunk, this time she was trying to grabbed the paper and accidentally did it to him, it was kind of even.

“When did this Prince kiss you?” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning with an incredible face.


This guy still wants to deny it?

Gu Yi Ning rounded her eyes, displease and seems to still carry a hint of disdain: “Kiss all kissed, what else, still dare not admit?” 

“This Prince has never kissed you.” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning gravely, and he really did not remember that he had kissed the girl.

“You…!” Gu Yi Ning looked at Mo Jian Chen, and there’s no way to apprehend him either. He refused to admit it. Can she still have to beat him for a confession?

“So you’re telling me, how did this Prince kiss you? Mo Jian Chen slightly bent down, innocently looking at the Gu Yi Ning, step by step slowly make his way toward her, Gu Yi Ning was forced to step back by Mo Jian Chen, looking at his clear and innocent eyes. Instead, it made her feel like she was fabricating the truth.

The fascinating eyelids seemed to have some kind magical powers, and making Gu Yi Ning reluctant to remove her eyes that was looking at him. 

“Bang” a muffled sound, Gu Yi Ning leaned on the wall, Mo Jian Chen’s big hand supports the wall, she seems to be able to feel a hint of danger that is slowly approaching her. 

The distance between the two was so close that she could feel his breath on her cheek-there was still a touch of ambiguity in the warmth.

Just as Mo Jian Chen was ready to launch the next attack, a knock on the door brought all the movements to a halt. 

“Prince, dinner is ready.” Said Bai Ye, pushing the door open.

In the house, two people kept the action. She was full of strange faces, but he was very calm. Outside the house, Bai Ye is standing, for a long time, he did not react.

“I’m sorry … You……You continue … ” Bai Ye said, and shut the door again.


Gu Yi Ning’s little face “whoosh” was red, hot – the body was inexplicably feels hot, and she pushed away Mo JIan Chen: “I went out to go get some fresh air…” After that, she immediately turned and ran out of Ming Xian Zhai. 

Outside Ming Xian Zhai, it was a silent night, and Gu Yi Ning casually found a grassland and sat on the ground. 

“Eight Princess?” The familiar voice was introduced into Gu Yi Ning’s ear. Gu Yi Ning followed the sound and looked at him, Li Jun was ahead. 

Although he is a doctor, but he will always give people a illusion of a weak scholar. 

The spring wind was always so gentle, gently brushed over his handsome cheeks, and then mischievously lifted the bangs in front of his eyes. 

I don’t know if it is the fact or the illusion that this night brought her. She actually saw a touch scarlet under the bangs of Li Jun. 

Li Jun looked at Gu Yi Ning, only to see his usual smile was suddenly collected. Instead, it was the fleeting surprise, but this fleeting surprise was captured by Gu Yi Ning. . 

“What’s the matter? “Gu Yi Ning looked curiously at Li Jun.

“Nothing,” Li Jun smile, again climbed into his clean face, “just suddenly saw these on your face …”

Said Li Jun, then subconsciously raised his hand, want for it to wipe away the ink on the face, hand just lifted, but suddenly was stagnated in the air, hesitated for a moment, and silently retracted his hand: “Stealing ink?” “

So, Gu Yi Ning suddenly reacted, pursed the small mouth, the face is full of grievances: “Don’t mention it…” 

“What’s the matter? “Jun Li looked at her with concern.

[Author notes: Sorry got Jun Li name wrong before but will be correcting it onward to “Jun Li”]

“It is on account of Mo Jian Chen…”

“What’s wrong with him?” Jun Li was full of curiosity with his clear eyes.

“He also punishes me for copying the family training…and…and…” Gu Yi Ning stop talking, watery eyes staring at the side of the lawn in front of him.

“What else? ” Jun Li was carefully approach her.

wants to tell more to Jun Li, Mo Jian Chen that bastard doesn’t admit to kissing her that night, but is she talking about it? Of course not!

“Jun Li, I ask you …” Gu Yi Ning turned her head and looked at him in front of her, “Mo Jian Chen after getting drunk… Is also shameless?”

Shameless? Jun Li couldn’t help but look at Gu Yi Ning, “Chen is seldom drunk, but every time he gets drunk, he drunken,” He added by the way, “and when he wakes up, he forgets what’s going on after he’s drunk.”

Yes, he really forgot, still remember Mo Jian Chen last drunkenness, let Jun Li explain what happen, but he did not believe that he had gone to Jun Li to learn the cat barking all night.


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