Chapter 15: Confrontation Part 1


Even though he smiled, Mo Jian Chen, after seeing these words, even though could not understand what she had written, but he could clearly feel–she was scolding him? 

 “Cough…” Mo Jian Chen deliberately coughed twice in Gu Yi Ning’s ear, trying to wake her up, but she didn’t want to,  the woman in front of him sleeps like a dead pig.

 Helpless, Mo Jian Chen had to bend down the waist, thin lips gently affixed to her ear: “Ning’er, dinner is up.” “


Gu Yi Ning, who was asleep, heard these two words and immediately opened her sleepy eyes. By the way, she raised her hand and wiped her mouth. “Dinner?!”

After the words fell, she realized that there was no dinner, no one handed the meal over, not to mention the smell of rice, raised eyes, then hit Mo Jian Chen those unhappy eyes. 

“Did you copy the the family training?” Asked the cold voice of Mo Jian Chen. 

“Otherwise?” Gu Yi Ning pretends that she is copying the family training, and she righteously look at Mo Jian Chen. 

“Oh… “Mo-Chien Chen looked at the Gu Yi Ning with great interest, eyebrow can not help but gently pick, the bony big hand took away the paper in front of Gu Yi Ning while giving her a glance,” Mo Jian Chen! Is it great to be handsome! You can bully if you’re handsome! What kind of cookie do you count? You stinking watermelon! Big Pig hooves!….”

Mo Jian Chen stood next to Gu Yi Ning, and read to Gu Yi Ning one word at a time. The copy of the “family precepts”, he finish reading, those deep eyes looked again at the Gu Yi Ning who is sitting on the ground: “How can this Prince not remember these in the family precepts?” “

[family precepts – instructions to one’s children]

Gu Yi Ning behind tingle, she immediately jumped up from the ground, ready to reach out to grab that piece of paper: “Give it back to me!” “

“Hmmm…”  not only did Mo Jian Chen not give her the paper back, but he also raised the hand with the paper.

He was already taller than her, so in a swoop, no matter how she jumps, she can’t get it. 

“Mo Jian Chen, you give it back to me!” Gu Yi Ning is unrelenting, and worked hard to jump in front of Mo Chien Chen.

“What the hell are you writing about? “Mo Jian Chen’s eyes looked curiously at the Gu Yi Ning in front of him, and she jumped in front of him, like a nimble bunny.

“These …” Gu Yi Ning suddenly stopped jumping, looked at Mo Jian Chen, and moved her eyes elsewhere, “Didn’t you already know?” 

 “What does this Prince should know? Mo Jian Chen looked curiously at Gu Yi Ning, the words above, there’s really not much he can see clearly, but he can feel this girl writing these must be scolding him, and there is a kind of … Inexplicable loveliness?

“If the Prince does not know, then I will come to explain to you!” Said Gu Yi Ning, jumping up again in an attempt to get the paper on his hand.

  The more she jumped closer, her eyes fell entirely on the white Paper, which was full of black words, and did not take into account the Mo Jian Chen in front of her at all. 

Suddenly, the Gu Yi Ning lip felt something soft, as if it had been rubbed into something. 

“This Prince’s sees your courage is getting bigger. “Mo Jian Chen squinted adding a charming eyes, looking at Gu Yi Ning with interest, she is like a mystery, she makes people feel puzzled, but also makes people can not help but want to solved.

 “I just… hit you?” Gu Yi Ning doesn’t seem to have reacted yet.

 Mo Jian Chen’s fingers gently graze his thin lips, and she seemed to see a hint of danger in his obsidian eyes. 

Gu Yi Ning’s little face suddenly had a faint blush, and the little hand unconsciously slammed her mouth. Did she just kiss him? ! 

“You kissed me once, I gave you back, we are even now!” Gu Yi Ning put down her little hand and righteously said to Mo Jian Chen this words.

The last time he kissed her while he was drunk, this time she was trying to grabbed the paper and accidentally did it to him, it was kind of even.


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