Chapter 149

Long Jie, Marshal Feng and Li Cheng got out they saw Gu Jiao happily chatting to Long Jie’s secretary.

Li Cheng: “Little Princess are you now ready to go?”

The secretary got up and gave a greeting to the three gentleman. And observe the four in front of his table. His eyes glint on the information he receive that is full of juicy gossip.

People have known the Prime Minister as single that never dated woman. Some even thought that he was gay. Now being informed that he have a daughter that was about to enter the family registry anytime soon, if he ever was not a professional in his work he would have sold this piece of gossip to the pres to feast on. Sadly he need this information in another matter.

Gu Jiao: “Yup ready to go.”

Long Jie: “Are you now abandoning me after you stole all my wealth?”

Long Jie joke her. He was satisfied with this daughter-in-law of his. His son’s taste is really good. She was sensible and full of cuteness. Even though she was a little thief that could stole all your wealth without your knowledge she could still even full off  being a cute thief.

Gu Jiao, even though she likes money a lot, she was not without principle if she knows that money is from a suspicious source no matter how greedy she was she won’t accept nor sold her integrity for it. Just like what happen awhile ago when she didn’t accept the money he gave with her when she still didn’t know the whole story.

Gu Jiao: “Daddy don’t be sad I’ll come play with you next time! Ok? I have to go home or else brother would get mad.”

Long Jie sighed, really that brat is lucky that he could make this cute little thief follow him obediently even him not being physically present such a good trainer, did he even train her in hogging all the advantage she could get. He wouldn’t be surprised if he really is the one who taught her because he was a scammer of wealth himself… Tsk tsk! The poor thing was led by the nose of that brat! Long Jie was speculating on his mind.

Gu Jiao went to his side and hug him while smiling sweetly with her big huge watery eyes.

Gu Jiao: “So daddy Jie should prepare those other ‘gift’ for the next time we meet ok?”

Long Jie stiffened on her arms… This little thief even wants more than she could chew. Looking down on her cute appearance Long Jie was defeated by his future daughter-in-law.

Long Jie: “Alright cute little thief. Next time I would even help you count your money.”

Gu Jiao: “Hehe… Thank you daddy Jie.”

Long Jie: “Hmmmm… Take care of that little brat for me ok.”

Little brat? When did her brother become little brat? Hehehe… If Li Jun was to hear him being called little brat he would flip hehehe…

Gu Jiao: “No worries daddy Jie this big sister will discipline him if ever he would become naughty little thing.”

Li Cheng and Marshal Feng just suck in their breath hearing their conversations. They couldn’t even imagine how this two could joke with Li Jun like that. Just remembering Li Jun’s cold temperament if he ever could hear them talking about him like this.

The two suddenly felt so cold down to their bones they could feel how would the air freeze with Li Jun’s gaze.

They admire their Prime Minister with his courage but the most outstanding courage would be Gu Jiao to even planning on scolding and implement family discipline to that young master. Really her courage is big.

The four who were immersed in their conversation didn’t notice the secretary on the side who was watching the whole load of gossipy information unfold in front of him.

After they joke enough Gu Jiao and Li Cheng leave while Long Jie and Marshal Feng went back to the office forgetting the secretary who had witness their touching drama. Taking their guards down after cuddling on the cute little thief even forgetting to be vigilant on their action.


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