Chapter 148

The awkward meeting had come to the end.

Gu Jiao had looted a lot she also had not forgotten to remind her now father Jie which she called daddy Jie that he promise more of dowry for her. Because she clearly remember that the check was just ‘part’ of the dowry.

Fufufufu… Such a thing she wants to kiss her now fiancee because his father is so generous!

Gu Jiao was bouncing while preparing to leave, after the whole drama inside this room while back although she was exhausted with the roller coaster of emotion from the shocking revelation because of those lots of zeroes that has wings on her back waving at her, her tiredness has flown away and now she was bouncing rabbit full of energy.

While on the way out Gu Jiao walk out of the office first when she got out she passes through the secretary table were now a man was seated in. She remember no one was sitting there when they entered. Maybe it was her daddy Jie’s secretary.

Gu Jiao who was in a good mood wants to share her blessings to people. She bouncy to the secretary table and started a small conversation while waiting for her father. Those three adults started talking about business after they settled the engagement with her. So she just got up and left to wait for her father.

Gu Jiao: “Hello there sir!”

Gu Jiao smiled sweetly on the man who was busy doing somethings. The man rise his head. Gu Jiao was stunned his face was handsome but not as handsome as her beloved brother.

Secretary: “Hello there young miss.”

Gu Jiao frowned a cold sweat had run down on her back. His voice sounds so familiar to her ears but she can’t quite put a finger where she heard his voice. Her heart started to beat a little faster, she don’t understand why when he heard his voice a deep fear suddenly run on her heart.

Gu Jiao took a step back.

The secretary was surprised by her sudden change of expression and movement.

Secretary: “Miss are you alright?”

Gu Jiao dispel her distress, she shook her head a little. This was the first time she saw this man why would she be scared of him. Maybe she still have a remnant of the feelings while ago that is why she got scared.

Gu Jiao: “I’m fine just got a little dizzy.”

Secretary: “Should I get you water little miss?”

Gu Jiao further analysis was confirmed why would she be scared of this man look he was so kind to offer her some comfort in her distress even smiling handsomely on her.

Gu Jiao: “No need. I’m alright maybe just to happy today meeting my daddy Jie.”

Gu Jiao’s happiness returned remembering all the connected news regarding her daddy Jie. Having fiancee is not bad at the same time receiving lots of money is even more welcome to her door of happiness.

Secretary: “Daddy Jie? Prime Minister Jie?”

Gu Jiao: “Yup! Prime Minister is my daddy Jie from now on! And not only that Marshal Feng is also now my Uncle Feng.”

Gu Jiao happily informed the secretary, sharing and boasting her connection to people.

Secretary: “Oh… Ehhh aren’t you Mr. Li Cheng child how did you suddenly become the Prime Minister daughter?”

Gu Jiao: “Hehe… Because of many twist of event even though I’m not yet legally member of Daddy Jie’s family but in the future I will be written in their family registry as her daughter-“in law.

Is what Gu Jiao unable to say because the door opened interrupting their conversation.


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