Chapter 147

Gu Jiao cough to break the nerve wrecking silence that had house the room.

Gu Jiao: “I accept! I would take care of him in the future! And be an obedient and sensible life for him.”

Gu Jiao righteously said it with full of sincerity and confidence.

Then she smiled sweetly while extending her small little paw on the table inching closer to the check of golds…

Gu Jiao: “So…. This is my dowry correct. I also accept. I will keep this safe on my pocket. Thank you father Jie.”

Now it was the three adults turn to be stunned and be daze it the turns of event.

They watch her as she was lifting the check counting the zeroes three times then kissing it and at last it was gone in their sight, gone to her pocket. She even have the audacity to pat it like a pet.

Then she extended her little paw to Marshal Feng.

Gu Jiao: “Uncle Feng. I will also accept your generous red pocket. You said it was for taking care of your son. Right he always would show up every time I’m in the city and would fight for the food snatching whatever I cook for my brothers.”

Gu Jiao exaggeratedly narrate as if it were true.

Marshal Feng who was in daze took the red pocket that he offered awhile ago to her.

Gu Jiao quickly snatch her red pocket that is waving on her. When she opened it she saw six zeroes although it was hundred times less than what she receive awhile ago. Six zeroes are still very much welcome she counted them again to make sure she didn’t make a mistake when she look up to the three who were silently watching her Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes and gave them an eye to eye contact while taking away her money safely on her pocket. Patting it securely like a baby she was putting in sleep.

Gu Jiao look st them suspiciously because their gaze was still on her pocket.

She thought that are they regretting her giving to much money that is why they were still looking where she put those pot of gold red pocket.

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes dangerously. Humph what was already given cannot be taken back. These two red pockets are now her babies wahahahaha…

The three adults had woken up by her suspiciously gaze.

Long Jie couldn’t keep up with what had happen. Did he even heard her call him father!? Does that mean she accept the engagement right?

Marshal Feng was also in doubt on what happened the situation had took a big turn so fast that even his strategic military mind couldn’t keep up. All he know is that his son was taking advantage off her home cooking even fighting for it with her brother. Wait!? Does he even have that courage to fight with her brother?!

Li Cheng was a little ashamed. Although he would honestly tell that she was cute while her little paw counting the zeroes on the check. He was still doubting himself, was he to strick with their allowance that she had become this shameless or is does she really loves red pocket money. But when reviewing her expenses she would hardly buy anything, and based on his observation of this daughter of her, he knows she don’t buy any expensive or luxury brand thing mostly it was him or Li Jun who would buy her things.

Where does this dear daughter of his puts all the money she was collecting?

Wait the main point is. Is he really to strict with their money should he lossen a little bit with their allowance?

Although he wants them to learn how to be frugal with money. He don’t want them to be too poor to become shameless in receiving red pocket.

Well ask he thought no one could full of a shameless red pocket grabber like Gu Jiao while being cute though.

He even have this illusion that she was jumping like a rabbit in happiness while receiving those red pocket.

And the main topic for this meeting had been dealt with. With her consent the future arrangement could be prepared.


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