Chapter 146

Li Cheng thought about her question for a while.

Li Cheng: “I don’t know if he had remember that he was never related to me. We had never concealed when he was young about his lineage to him. But regarding both of you being fiancee you are the first to know except with us.”

Gu Jiao: “Wouldn’t he be annoyed if he ever know that you and uncle Jie just decided for him like this?”

Gu Jiao knowing him very well was sure that he would not accept it just like that he have a strong personality after all and no one could really make him do the things he don’t want to do.

The three adults hearing her question was somewhat annoyed. Remembering the real reason why they were doing this in the first place.

Their brows were twitching continuously.

Long Jie: “Don’t worry dear princess he will not go against this arrangement…” And he would be more than eager to let it happen earlier than we want. Long Jie continued in his heart.

Li Cheng just helplessly nodded his head. Marshal Feng just close his eyes not wanting to see his two friends defeated look.

Ah… Little rabbit aren’t you the one who was being sold without you knowing to a hungry wolf. Based on my sons description of your relationship that wolf was just bidding his time to eat you cleanly. And your still worrying about him now wanting this arrangement. Tsk…. Poor little rabbit was sold and still helping her to count the money. Marshal Feng was stating the unfairness about this conversation.

Long Jie: “So little Jiao do you agree with this arrangement?”

Gu Jiao who was still in a messy thought tried her best to judge the situation.

She frowned and thought deeply. She loves him very much thank you. And had hope in dreams both in night time and day time to be with him always. She was even depressed when she had realize her feelings for him and the thought of him being with some else was suffocating that even her heart was squeeze to the point of her unable to breath.

He was her golden thick fat thigh in this lifetime. Powerful (not yet but in the near future) and wealthy ( and would be even more wealthy in the near future). Capable and dependable, could count in him when she need to be coax. He would pamper her when she wants to.

On the other hand if she really would further entangle with him, aren’t she backing on her life mission to live a life of leisure full of laziness? Ehhhh but aren’t he already tolerating her with her laziness right now? But her life mission? How about it now? She already plan it for a few years now…

Aren’t she seeking death again if she choose, other wise beside her former plan of running away?

But her beloved golden thigh would protect her right? But why does her leisure life was waving goodbye in front of her? How come she felt like her life would be full of hurdle if she choose to entangle with him further?

Gu Jiao who was contemplating her future life with utmost concentration caught the sight if the forgotten check on the table…

The zeros are waving at her, calling her to come and get it, like a sexy concubine that is dress lewdly luring her as if she was an emperor. The image is full of temptation.

Gu Jiao was finally struck with realization what leisure life?! Aren’t she going to live it with lots of money what is more leisure than that!

Hehehe… Shhhh… You have to keep quiet if ever her beloved had know that she like money more than him she would receive punishment again. Well her beloved golden thigh is of course the most important but money was her first baby…

Gu Jiao keeps on justifying her own decision her cautions and principle were thrown out of the window when she remember the check on the table waving to her hello… (n_n”)v


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