Chapter 145

Gu Jiao was lamenting and scolding them inside her heart while looking at them intently.

When she cools down a little after a long scolding inside her.

She stop and observe the two middle age man in front of her, she has this inkling that their faces are really familiar as if those faces were the adult version of someone she knows.

Gu Jiao’s mind click. After scanning every faces that her mind could recall both from her past life and now.

Her mouth drop in shock, she couldn’t believe it! And she don’t dare believe it!

Gu Jiao: “Marshal Feng are you Wang Fang’s?”

Marshal Feng who heard his son’s name understood what she wants to ask. So even if she haven’t finished her question yet he nod his head in acknowledgement.

Gu Jiao was shock then quickly turned her head to his side looking intently at the smiling person beside him.

Gu Jiao: “Minister Jie could you please make a serious face and not smile. Like looking coldly to everyone full of indifference and as if your an immortal that can’t be touch.”

Although Gu Jiao sound unreasonable but when Long Jie look at her determined gaze he went along with her request.

Making a serious cold face feeling he was above all masses and was untouchable.

She stood up in shock! That face she would never forget that face! In both her of her lifetime?!

Gu Jiao mind went blank all the function in her brains stop. All the strength inside her body was suck out and her knees gave out.

Good thing Li Cheng catch her on time. And sat her beside him.

Li Cheng panicked when he called out on her and she didn’t answer.

Gu Jiao soul flew out of her body. Her mind don’t dare to accept the reality in front of her.

Her heart was beating very fast! As if she was running for her life.

Her mind was in a messed trying to sort itself an the possibility.

Gu Jiao absent minded-ly turned to her father.

Gu Jiao: “Father is it true?”

Li Cheng nodded his head in her question confirming her the idea that had formed in her mind.

She can’t believe this! She don’t dare believe this. She felt betrayed for both her past lifetime and the present life she was having.

Gu Jiao’s vision started to blurred, black spot was starting to block her sight. She was feeling light headed.

She could hear people calling her. On the corner of her eyes her father face was so pale while shaking her.

Gu Jiao shook her head to dispel her distress and took a deep breath to calm herself. She was a total mess right now her emotions are all over the place.

When a bottle of water was given to her Gu Jiao took it and drank. Her nerves had calm down a lot.

A few more deep breaths and Gu Jiao had taken control her emotions.

She look at the three adult with worried look and pale faces. They look like they had age 10 years older.

Somehow it was funny seeing their handsome faces looking like that.

Evilly, Gu Jiao thought that it serves them right. Shocking her to the point that her soul had flown out of this earth.

Suddenly a thought had struck Gu Jiao. Gu Jiao immediately look at Li Cheng to ask.

Gu Jiao: “Does he know about this marriage? And does he know he was not…” your son?

Gu Jiao was struck on her throat and was not able to continue her words.

If her brother really knows everything she would struck revenge!

Vengeance for making her worry for nothing! And questioning her morality! Her as a petty person will really plan a sweet revenge!

It had hunted her for many years, months and days while thinking this thing!

Is that why she was so confident when she ask him about their situation! D@mmit! That is so unfair!


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