Chapter 144

… Marshal Feng intently at Long Jie his eyes are fierce and scary.

Long Jie was guilty and keep his posture a little straighter while stating his reasons.

Long Jie: “This is also part of the dowry gift for her.”

Marshal Feng who understood what he meant was daze for a while and then helplessly nod his head acknowledging his reason.

But in Marshal Feng’e mind, Isn’t this amount a little too much as ‘part’ of her dowry how would the other ‘part’ would be?

Gu Jiao was helpless again when Marshal Feng nod his head, she wants to cry for her heart. She knows her love for her brother is sinful and she plans to move on and go to a far away place when the time he finds the one he would give his heart. She was just emerging to her hearts content right now so when the time comes she have enough memory to last her for life.

But being force to a marriage all of a sudden that would take away her right to dream for her brother was heart breaking. She feels like the whole world was against them.

Gu Jiao sorrowfully tried to reason out a little more.

Gu Jiao: “Marrying someone I don’t even know is a little…” vexing

She left the world unsaid while looking at the adult in front of her.

Long Jie and Marshal Feng were a little surprised. They frown their brows in unison. And look at Li Cheng accusingly.

Now it was Li Cheng’s turn to feel guilty. He look at the side to avoid their gazes.

Gu Jiao was puzzle with their behavior. She tilted her head a little to the side trying to catch up on what are they trying to convey with their gazes. And her father who looks so guilty that he couldn’t even lift his head even a little bit like a child in the principal’s office receiving judge for his misconduct.

Long Jie broke their silence: “Little Jiao’er let’s make this clear. You don’t know who my son is?”

Gu Jiao tilted her head again then shakes her head.

Long Jie smiled and turned his head to her father then he smiled more sweetly making his eyes close to a thin line. Although it was a smile it was kind if scary and full of killing intent.

Li Cheng was sweating coldly on his back. Maybe he forgot to a very important matter to tell to his daughter before coming here.

He never thought that that person haven’t told her yet. He thought that ‘he’ already told her about his identity.

Li Cheng could only cough his fear out of his body and sat a little straighter.

Gu Jiao was a little dizzy from all their cryptic behaviors. She couldn’t follow what was going on.

Marshal Feng who was kind explain the secret with her.

Marshal Feng: “Jiao’er do you know who my son is?”

Gu Jiao turned her attention to him and shake her head again. She was getting annoyed with their question! How would she knows their son if she never met them! These old geezer are playing detective with her!

Geeze! Don’t play with these old aunty her patience is thin. This aunty is a little dumb alright so could you just tell to this aunty directly what is going on!

Asking question do you know who’s my son abd what not! Were already straying from the main topic! D@mmit!

Asking as if I should know the answer to your question are your son’s face a carbon copy of yours for me to know in the first glance!!! This aunty is blind alright!


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