Chapter 143

Before Gu Jiao could even turn the whole situation in a full blown drama.

The door was opened and a good looking middle age man enter. Wearing military uniform with lots of badges on the chest and 5 star shoulder plate indicating his position in the military.

The three of them stop in daze looking at the person who entered the room. The two panicking adult breath a sigh of relief.

At last someone save them, they don’t know how to coax a little teenager girl like Gu Jiao. Even though Li Cheng is her father.

Gu Jiao was usually jolly and cheerful in front of him, acting like a spoiled pamper princess. This was the first time that she directed her discontent on him. And in usual times Li Jun is here to coax her.

Long Jie was thankful to his friend who enter the room. If feels like he is on a ring where a last punch would put him out in cold but the bell ring saving his dear life.

Gu Jiao was surprised when someone intruded. Her tears came back when she saw some handsome man enter. Her focus was taken away.

The Marshal entered the room and gave a court polite greetings. Rising his brow on the awkward aura inside the room and looking at them one by one with an inquiring gaze.

Gu Jiao who felt the gaze became shy she can’t even throw tantrum anymore. When someone that is not involved in here show up. She has thin face okay. She be can’t wailing ruining her image when some handsome man is in front of her.

Long Jie played the host and broke the awkward silence that immobile them for a few minutes: “Let all sit down first.”

The four of them sat down. Long Jie ordered a drink for them. When they were all settled.

Li Cheng introduce Gu Jiao to the Marshal Feng. Gu Jiao gave a polite greeting knowing he was also one of her father’s sworn brother.

Gu Jiao: “Hello, Uncle Feng My name is Gu Jiao I’m Li Family’s young Miss.”

Marshal Feng: “What a polite child here is a red pocket greeting from Uncle Feng.”

Gu Jiao who receive from fright earlier paled when she saw a new red pocket that was offered to her. It also looks thin like the previous one.

Marshal Feng was surprised by her reaction it was clear that she was scared looking at the gift he offered, frowning his brow he turned to his two friend.

Long Jie and Li Cheng both look guiltily at him. Like a deer who was caught in a light. The two adult looks uncomfortable under Marshal Feng gaze.

What did this two idiot did to make such a cute girl scared. And as he knows Gu Jiao loves receiving this kind of gift or so he heard to scare her into rejecting what she love.

Long Jie look at the table in front of them where the check was like a gun pointing at them.

Marshal Feng followed where Long Jie’s gaze is and saw the check.

He saw a red pocket that has a check inside which was pulled half of the check. He only saw lots of zero.

At first he was puzzled and didn’t see anything wrong. He knows the check came from his friend Long Jie as a meeting gift.

He studied it for a few more times. After a while he was speechless.

What an insane idiot. No wonder Gu Jiao was scared silly like that.

Who would ever received that money without being wary?!


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