Chapter 142

Li Cheng immediately made a quick reply to ease the accusing look made by his daughter on him.

Li Cheng: “Baby girl, Daddy made a deal with uncle to marry you to his son. I trust your uncle Jie and his son very much and they were the only people I know that would take care of you… Father is sorry he didn’t get your consent first. But please know that father is only worried that you would be hurt by scumbag that’s why father did this. And also father and Uncle Jie are sworn brother’s we wish to be tied with marriage.”

Gu Jiao was having a headache. Her father looks so pitiful as if she had bullied him. She was the one who was bullied ok.

And now her mind was in a mess she didn’t know what to think with a bomb that suddenly exploded in front of her she couldn’t even react.

How were she supposed to react on a bomb that already killed her. This was beyond her. Her mind couldn’t even process anything as of the moment.

Gu Jiao suddenly stood on her feet. She blink looking down on his father.

Li Cheng could see how confuse her little baby is. He suddenly lost on words to say and doubt begun to blossom on his heart asking if they did the right thing.

He had forgotten his daughter has the right to choose on her own.

Long Jie was now also confuse with them. Watching Li Cheng panicking on how to explain it with his daughter and Gu Jiao who was just standing there as if her soul had flown out of her body.

Long Jie gave a deep sigh. Why us two adult that was on top of our respective field were being an idiot in front of a little girl. How sad that two grown ups were defeated by a girl.

Long Jie turned to look again at Gu Jiao. Even him was starting to panic with how Gu Jiao was expressing her emotion on her face vividly.

Gu Jiao was standing looking lost and feeling miserable. Thousand of thoughts are running on her mind and many emotions wants to get out of get chest but the most prominent emotion that she could feel right now was sadness.

She felt betrayed and sad.

Gu Jiao’s vision is blurring with her emotion. Little by little her breath are coming short and she was starting to breath. She felt that her heart was being squeeze.

Li Cheng upon seeing her desolate state also stood up along with Long Jie. Seeing her saddened look and tears that is already starting to fall.

Li Cheng panic and quickly tried his utmost to coax her.

Li Cheng: “Baby girl don’t cry. Father is wrong. Don’t cry don’t cry.”

Gu Jiao who was still trying to be tough and restraining herself not to cry upon hearing him couldn’t keep it to herself anymore and her tears falls without regard.

Long Jie and Li Cheng were left helpless when they hear her silent sob both of them didn’t know what to do anymore.

They were talking sweetly to her coaxing her to stop crying.


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