Chapter 141

Long Jie helplessly sigh. This friend of his is truly petty. Resigned with fate Long Jie tried his utmost to ease Gu Jiao.

Long Jie: “Jiao’er dont be to wary of me. I bare no ill intention on gifting that to you.”

Gu Jiao was even more doubtful of his words, he told her awhile ago that he give it for a reason then now he was saying no ill intention what contradicting words you have sir. She knows that she is a little dumb but she is not idiotic to not know that he don’t have ill intention with this! Humph!

Long Jie saw become even more cautious with him, having her eyes squint slightly and getting closer to Li Cheng for protection the little bunny hiding to big bunnies back is really cute.

Long Jie tried again to get to Gu Jiao’s good side: “Jiao’er don’t be like this, uncle Jie really don’t have any ill motive or reason. It was a gift for three purposes ok.”

Gu Jiao: “What purpose?”

Long Jie: “The first is for meeting you for the first time. The second one is for taking care of someone important to me and lastly the rest is one of giving you as some of the dowry O have prepared for you.”

Gu Jiao who was listening to him was nodding to the first two reason it was acceptable but the last one is a little bit shocking?

After processing what he said a sudden lighting struck on Gu Jiao’s mind electrifying her brain and her whole body.

No! It was shocking!  Gu Jiao quickly let the check go and put it in the table in front of her, as if it burns her skin and scooted quickly beside her father.

Gu Jiao look at Long Jie with a horror written all over her face.

What no ill intention?! That’s bullsh*t! Now your saying it was some of the dowry you prepared! Hell no!

Long Jie was taken aback by her quick movement and was amaze how she rejected him immediately after he have talked the purpose.

He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. How come his years of negotiation with different people have become a waste in front of this little girl. Hay who could blame him he don’t have any experience on coaxing a little girl like Gu Jiao.

Long Jie thread his words carefully this time in fear of further scaring the little princess away any more mistake this little bunny hiding beside her father is ready to bolt to the door to escape.

Long Jie: “What’s wrong Jiao’er? Don’t be afraid. Did uncle Jie said something you didn’t like? Tell uncle so we could talk about it.”

Gu Jiao was a little hesitant on furthering their time together she really wants to go home.

Gu Jiao: “Dowry?”

Long Jie was a little puzzled when he heard her question he look at Li Cheng who look guilty.

Li Cheng: “I haven’t told her yet.”

Long Jie was speechless and he didn’t know how to go from here, it was awkward.

Gu Jiao didn’t like where their conversation is going she was having this wild imagination that she was being sold to be married to some she don’t know. How could her father do this to her.

Li Cheng look at Gu Jiao who look at him in horror. Li Cheng felt even more guilty as if he did a heinous crime that can’t be forgiven.

Gu Jiao saw her father look guilty, she couldn’t believe that he did this without her consent. Why?!


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