Chapter 140

Long Jie couldn’t help but tease them. But when he was ready to open his mouth again for another round of teasing he saw Gu Jiao flinch when he open his mouth.

He gave a deep sigh sure anymore teasing would make this little bunny faint she was now trembling from fright. Aw his enjoyment can to an end to early.

He couldn’t have Gu Jiao fainting on him now could he? He would be offending many people if that would happen. And that person would strangle him to death if his precious person would be bullied to death. Right?

Long Jie: “Don’t be shy little bunny this amount is nothing. Uncle Long Jie could afford to give you this much for a reason you know.”

Gu Jiao who heard the one word she was afraid to her came from his mouth, could feel the blood draining from her face. She was most afraid now than ever in her entire life. This kind of big money she don’t dare accept because in the back of this there is for sure a ‘reason’ in receiving it.

Or some kind of motive that is for sure not simple.

She like receiving money in pretense of not giving anything that would endanger her and her love one. So small amount of money are very welcome. And she would accept them gladly because ever since she started receiving red pocket those blessing all came to older generation of her family so in a sense it was still their family money because it was given to her and not to other person outside their family.

This is a first that she was receiving money outside their family member. And to think she would encounter her most fearful situation like this.

She think she couldn’t receive anymore red pocket to outsiders due to this. His motives is not simple because someone who would impart with this amount will surely have some big plan to the receiver.

What kind of motive this kind of man does have with her. She was just a small citizen that is simple and cute, a man like him with influence and power in the whole country anyone would grovel just to do any of his bidding so what does kind of bogus this man have.

Gu Jiao couldn’t help but have prejudice for someone she just met even though he was her father’s sworn brother, she couldn’t help but doubt him because who would in their right mind be this generous. Even her brother who live her dearly didn’t give her this much money excuse her.

Seeing that Gu Jiao was still staring blankly on him. Long Jie gave another sigh. This little girl although naive is still a little to sharp for her to not accept the gift immediately but doubt him instead.

Long Jie was satisfied with Gu Jiao reaction. Having heard that she was greedy with money he thought of using her weakness to test her. If she accepted with hesitation he would really need to rethink him and Li Cheng agreement. But seeing her strongly rejecting the gift doubting his motives, though greedy she is without reason in accepting.

Having to think fast on consequence about the receive this kind of gift she is indeed intelligent.

Long Jie kindly smiled to her to ease some of her worry-ness. Seeing her not easing even a little bit he was helpless he couldn’t afford to offend her to much. He turns to look at his good brother beside her to ask some help.

Li Cheng saw his inquiring gaze gave him a glare and turned his head to the side completely abandoning Long Jie his good friend to Gu Jiao’s clutches.


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