Chapter 14 Part 2

Run Away Part 2


“Ning’er, this is a lot of trouble, where are you going?” Mo Jian Chen raised his eyes, pretending to be intimately with Gu Yi Ning calling her sweetly, looking at her with like a smile yet not a smile, so that her heart could not help but tremble a bit. 

“I … I went out for a ride.” Gu Yi Ning was embarrassed to look at Mo Jian Chen, forced to squeeze out a smile.”

“Do you want to take the Prince’s two vases with you for a ride?” Mo Jian Chen, the corners of his mouth gently rose up, evoking a dangerous arc.

“It’s not … It’s safe to hold the vase of the Prince! “At this moment Gu Yi Ning smile was stiff, and she could even feel her scalp slowly goes numb, the words that came out, even she herself didn’t believe it.

“Why don’t you just call this Prince to go with you?” Mo Jian Chen pressed to chase, and he wanted to see if Gu Yi Ning could lick her teeth. 

Sure enough, she was stunned. 

“Get off the carriage.” Mo Jian Chen’s tone became fierce, and the cold command made Gu Yi Ning not dare to be slow. 

Gu Yi Ning came down from the carriage, like a child who has made a mistake, holding two vases followed Mo Jian Chen came to Ming Xian Zhai. 

After putting back the two vases, Gu Yi Ning then knelt in front of Mo Jian Chen, with her head down, waiting for the punishment of Mo Jian Chen. 

The room was horribly quiet, and the man in front was sitting in front of her, Gu Yi Ning timidly raised her head, unfortunately, she hit the gaze of Mo Jian Chen. 

“Can you stop looking at me like a thief …” Gu Yi Ning silently move her eyes elsewhere. 

[Translator: (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻… D*mn aren’t you a thief getting two vases for an exchange!]

“Aren’t you? “Mo Jian Chen asked a word in a cold voice.

If you look at the situation, it seems to be … 

“I’m sorry.” Gu Yi Ning lowered her head. “I am not right.” 

“Tell this Prince, why did you leave the eight Wangfu without permission?” Mo Jian Chen’s eyes are full of doubts, if not Liu Li came to tell him, he may never know this matter, but he is puzzled, Gu Yi Ning leaving the government without saying, why also prepare a broken carriage?

Gu Yi Ning raised her head in surprise: “How do you know I’m…”

“If I don’t know what you are doing,” Mo Jian Chen calmly looked at Gu Yi Ning, handsome face does not seem to have a little sullen, “Otherwise, if you go out of the Eight Wangfu so smoothly, you can take the carriage?”

“Tell this Prince, why? “

In the huge room, only Mo Jian Chen and her, when the voice fell, the room became quiet. At the moment Gu Yi Ning seemed to be able to hear her strong heartbeat, she must not tell Mo Jian Chen the truth, or else he would surely regard her as a witch.

Gu Yi Ning bowed her head, and said nothing. 

Mo Jian Chen eyebrow slightly frowned, this woman has what secret that can’t be said, or really others conspiracy? She always made him feel mysterious, but this mystery, but he did not like: “You are to tell the king in the end why to leave the government, or copy 100 times the house precept?” 

Gu Yi Ning slightly raised her head, telling Mo Jian Chen the truth or copying a hundred times of family training, she decisively chose the latter. 

In this way, she knelt at the small table and copied the family training, over and over again. But what about Mo Jian Chen? He sat there leisurely reading and drinking tea, not pleasant!

After all, the family training was boring, and she didn’t use the brush at all. After several times, her sleeves were stained by ink, and even the delicate face could not escape the ink attack. 

The sky outside the window was slowly dyed with black like ink, and Gu Yi Ning copied, and was spent. Finally, she was defeated by her sleepiness. 

A muffled sound let Mo Jian Chen can’t help but raise his head. In front of him, Gu Yining had already planted it on the small table, and fell asleep quietly. Her face was covered with ink and she was unexpectedly cute at the moment. 

Aren’t you just copying the family precept? Why is it harder than going to heaven? 

Mo Jian Chen can’t help but smile gently, stood up, carefully walked to her side, slightly bent down, want to see how many house training she copied, eyes slowly moved from her cheek to the table on the paper:

Mo Jian Chen! Is it great to be handsome! You can bully if you’re handsome! What kind of cookie do you count? You stinking watermelon! Big Pig hooves!


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