Chapter 14 Part 1

Run Away Part 1


Gu Yi Ning did not speak, as if she were still angry with Mo Jian Chen, she took her eyes off him and looked elsewhere. 

 “She is called Liu Li.” Mo Jian Chen continued to introduce the servant girl to Gu Yi Ning. 

 Liu Li gave respectful greeting to her so that Gu Yi Ning’s eyes again transferred to her body.

What a pretty girl. 

 Also do not know why,the grievances and dissatisfaction in her heart suddenly disappeared when I saw Liu Li. Presumably this is her nature, every time to see the good-looking little brother and little sister, her mood will follow and become clear.

  Except, of course, Mo Jian Chen. 

 “It’s good to call me Ning’er.” Gu Yi Ning smiled at Liu Li. 

For Gu Yi Ning, it is not a problem to have one more Liu Li and one less Liu Li, because now she is only thinking about crossing back to modern times. 

 After Mo Jian Chen left, Gu Yi Ning sat at the table with blank look, her little hand was holding her chin, thinking of the strange dream she had that night. 

 If the mysterious man in the dream is telling the truth, what does it mean to say, “How do you come, how will you go back?” 

She went through because of the car accident. Could it be that she would go back to modern times after she was in another car accident? 

Thinking, her clear eyes flashed a glimmer of light, as if to see the light of hope, and excitedly to stood up. 

 “Miss… Ning’er…” When Huan’er saw her, suddenly leaped from the chair, she couldn’t help but be startled and looked at her timidly. , “What’s the matter with you …? “

 “Help me prepare the carriage!” Gu Yi Ning blurted out without hesitation, and she looked at Huan’er, her eyes shining.

“Why doesNing’er have to prepare the carriage?” Liu Li looked at Gu Yi Ning with bewilderment.

 “Don’t care so much, Liu Li, are you not familiar with the Eight Prince Wangfu? Can you find a way to help me prepare a carriage? It is better to have a carriage with a wheel that has been loosened!” Gu Yi Ning looked at the Liu Li again. As long as she creates another car accident, she can go back through it! 

“This …” Liu Li has some difficulties in looking at Gu Yi Ning. “Without the consent of the eight Prince, you can not leave the government without permission.”

“You don’t say, I don’t say, who knows that the eight Princesss is away from the mansion?” Gu Yi Ning vigorously said. There was nothing more important to her than to be able to go back to modern times, who was there to say a fallacy.

“But …” Liu Li was embarrassed to look at Gu Yi Ning, watery’s eyes skimmed a hint of reluctance.

“Don’t you even listen to the master’s words? ” GuYi Ning made a very fierce appearance, and the firm look seemed to say it all: This carriage you go get it ready.

 Helpless, Liu Li turned to go out, prepare a carriage for Gu Yi Ning.

Soon, Liu Li for her prepared a carriage, Gu Yi Ning specially told Huan’er and Liu Li to stay in the eight Wangfu, do not follow her, before leaving also went to Ming Xian Zhai and got two well-made vases, ready to cross back to modern times to sell for a good price. 

Everything is ready, all she need is an east wind*. Gu Yi Ning, holding the two vases, sat in the carriage with anticipation, waiting for the coachman to arrive.

[all we(she) need is an east wind – lacking only one tiny crucial item]

But the coachman didn’t come for a long time, and Gu Yi Ning, who was still firmly sitting in the carriage, now began to hurry up. If the coachman didn’t come again, she would be discovered leaving the mansion! 

 Finally, outside the carriage there is a sound, Gu Yi Ning heart can not help but burst in joy, it must be the coachman who came!

While thinking, the curtain in front of the car was leisurely pulled up, and at this moment, it was not someone else who appeared in front of her, it is Mo Jian Chen.

“Ning’er, this is a lot of trouble, where are you going?” Mo Jian Chen raised his eyes, pretending to be intimately with Gu Yi Ning calling her sweetly, looking at her with like a smile yet not a smile, so that her heart could not help but tremble a bit. 


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