Chapter 139

Gu Jiao wasn’t able to prepare herself when the Prime Minister join Li Cheng in urging her to open the envelope.

She wants to hide from shame. So shameful to show such greed now she was put on a difficult spot by her own making.

Gu Jiao just swallowed her honor and accepted her faith.

She slowly open the red pocket while repeating the word 1 yuan in her mind to accept reality and not expect to much. And by doing so even if she receive any amount more than one yuan she would cry from happiness.

Gu Jiao pulled the paper inside the envelope when she opened it. She saw a number digit of one.

That’s within her expectation, she pulled it a little more and saw zero that follows. Ok she’s a little happy it’s not one yuan. Then pulled a little more it was followed by zero digit again now she has hundred times of happiness.

Gu Jiao kept on pulling and stopping when seeing a new addition of zero on the paper.

When she pulled the whole paper her eyes was now bulging in happiness and her heart is beating so fast.

She don’t dare believe what was in front of her she blink a few more times. And count the zero’s in total… One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight…

She blink a few more times maybe her vision is failing her and it needs to be check.

Gu Jiao put the paper in front of her eyes a little closer to look. It was so close that her eyes are already in cross position just to check how many zeroes are there.

But no matter how many times she count the zeroes remain the same in number.

Her head was already dizzy in counting. And her headache in repeating reading the words on the check.

One hundred million yuan!!!

100, 000, 000 (◯Δ◯∥)

When the amount value loaded in her brain and her brain had taken the information.

Gu Jiao’s hand trembled she don’t know what to do on the check in her hand. It feels like a fire was burning her hand it was so heavy she don’t dare to accept. 

It was hundred times the value she ever receive with the red pockets given by her loves one combined!

She wants to cry! Can someone please take this hot potato away from her. She really don’t dare accept such amount. She feels her soul is flying out of her body.

My God! Someone please help her! Can anyone call a friend to help her or is there a knight shining armor that could shield her with this temptation.

Gu Jiao tremblingly turned to her father.

Li Cheng saw Gu Jiao face paled miserably from fright. Her face is full of fear while holding the check.

Her big teary eyes are looking at her asking for help.

Li Cheng frowned this was the first time he saw her be frightened out of her wits. And this was her most beloved gift a red pocket.

Why wasn’t she happy but was frightened, her face is so pale.

Li Cheng curiously take a look on what frightened her. Seeing the value written on the check.

Li Cheng was speechless. What kind of logic thus his friend have to gift such amount. Look he had frightened his daughter to speechlessness.

Li Cheng turned to his friend to give him an accusing glare.

Long Jie smiled at both of father and daughter pair.

The one was trembling from fright and already doesn’t have any color on her face while his friend was giving him an accusing glare.

They are really blood related their facial expressions are easy to read.


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