Chapter 138

Gu Jiao saw that blinding red color, narrowed her shining star like eyes. She smiled so sweetly and make her appearance to a cute dog with wagging tails.

Gu Jiao: “Hello Uncle Jie.” She sweetly called out.

Gu Jiao thickened her face and called him with label, if a while ago she didn’t dare accept his greeting. Now she could given give him a title such as uncle for that blinding red pocket.

Long Jie smiled at Gu Jiao and rise his have to hand over the red pocket, seeing that she was eager to receive the red pocket, he couldn’t help but give a chuckle.

He really couldn’t believe that what Li Cheng said about his daughter loving the red pocket so much but not spending her allowance nor asking money from him are true.

Seeing her became sweet and tamed because of that red pocket was so amusing. She looks like a cat that had gotten a fish to eat.

When Gu Jiao received the red pocket she was a little disappointed her wagging invisible tail was put down and the invisible ear that perk up in excitement was also cast downward.

Long Jie was surprised by her sudden change. Li Cheng who was watching her could guess what she was thinking about.

He sigh in helplesness. Knowing his friend he knows that Long Jie had given her a check as a red pocket gift. And knowing her daughter misunderstand the value inside the envelope with how thick the envelope was.

Looking at that disappointed look, Li Cheng couldn’t help but give her and advice: ” Little princess why don’t you see what’s inside.” Li Cheng urged her.

Gu Jiao was ashamed, looking at both of them she was sure that they saw her disappointed look. She was embarrassed her greediness was really catching up with her.

But who would be eager in receiving money hehe… It was just that her expectations have let her down.

And that’s a lesson to be reckoned, she as the recipient should have high expectation and should be thank full to whatever gift she could receive those were still blessing came from other people. Even if its 1 Yuan or 100 Yuan she should be grateful.

Li Cheng: “Little princess don’t be shy and take a look.”

Li Cheng urge her again when he saw her not moving or taking action and was just in a daze.

Gu Jiao was in a bind it isn’t rude to open it in front of the giver. Such action requires big courage specially she was not mentally prepared on receiving a 1 yuan as a red pocket. She could even feel that she will cry out in disappointment.

Such a shameful action she can’t show it up to a handsome man like the Prime Minister.

Can she prepare herself yet and make a mantra of one yuan in her mind for it to be accepted in her heart and pocket whole heartedly.

She can’t be blame about this okay. She was just used in receiving thick red pocket. Her Grandfather spoiled her with thick red pockets, even her father did the same and the most spoiling one is her brother Li Jun.

Gu Jiao who was washing her hand in her mind and putting the blame to others was left in a helpless state. She couldn’t have the courage to open the red pocket in front of Long Jie.

Long Jie was amaze how open and rich Gu Jiao facial expressions is. He couldn’t help but be amuse with her. And somehow he could catch the drift why she was disappointed.


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