Chapter 137

When they reach their destination. Gu Jiao was a little disappointed. She don’t know what her father’s thinking about, that he brought her in a company building.

This day is one of those days that her mother Gu Fan wasn’t here to do somethings that could destroy the mood.

It was rare opportunity to be with her father to have a date. But her enthusiasm was depleted looking at the tall building in front if her.

Buhuhu … Where is their father and daughters quality time… Why is it they were in a company building.

Buhuhu… She doesn’t even want to do anything that was business related like in the last lifetime.

Does her father have a very low EQ than her brother in the east her brother learned where to date her.

Gu Jiao continued to lament in her heart while following her father. She was so busy complaining that even asking why are they here was left at the back of her mind.

She just woke up from her lalala land when her father pulled her beside him.

Looking up she saw her father introducing someone in front of her.

She gave a glance to the person in front. Gave a polite courtesy and greetings.

She gave a thorough look at the person. While observing intently, the handsome middle age man in front of her somehow look familiar. But she can’t place where she saw it.

Li Cheng: “Little Princess this is our Prime Minister Long Jie.”

[Author Note: Prime Minister name was change to Jie from Sheng.]

Gu Jiao was wide eyed after her father introduce the person before her. She knew her family is powerful but not powerful enough to meet someone important like the prime minister.

And in the previous life, she never heard that they have some connection relating to the prime minister. So what kind of progress is this!

Gu Jiao’s mind was running thousand times due to thinking what’s going on.

Li Cheng ushered for Gu Jiao to come on a private office and for her to sit on the sofa.

The Prime Minister sat in front of her.

Gu Jiao was tongue tied about this development. Never would she thought about this meeting. And why was she hear in this meeting.

Long Jie: “Hello, Jiao’er. Uncle Jie is sorry for giving you such a surprise. I’ve long since want to meet you.”

Gu Jiao: “I… it’s no…nothing sir.” Gu Jiao was stammering and choking on her words.

She was so nervous, who wouldn’t be such an important person of their country was suddenly in front of her apologizing.

She don’t dare accept. She was just a simple citizen of this beloved country such honor to meet someone like him is already a blessing for some people. But accepting his apology like she was some princess of a prosperous country that could trample his country for his mere negligence.

She really don’t dare accept. Gu Jiao imagination about this meeting is running wild to impossibility.

She was so nervous that reason had left her body.

Li Cheng who felt that her daughter is distress couldn’t take Long Jie’s teasing to her daughter.

Li Cheng: “Princess don’t be to uptight. Brother Jie is father sworn brother. He is your God-father. Don’t be scared ok?.”

Gu Jiao was again surprised to know that such a man was her God father. Should she expect a hefty red pocket to such an influential man. How much does this kind man willing to give her.

Gu Jiao was drooling just thinking about a thick red pocket.

Long Jie as if heard her prayers pulled out a red envelope inside his pocket.


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