Chapter 136

After a few days of coaxing her brother, Gu Jiao was freed from punishment at last.

After experiencing those humiliating days of cos playing various uniforms of her brothers choosing. She was free at last. She really learned her lesson, really, really.

She don’t want a repeat of those humiliating days! Definitely not!

After that maid uniform, she thought that her brother was already done on tormenting her. But the next day a nurse uniform was handed to her. She couldn’t do anything to retaliate. She could only accept her fate.

Her brother even had the courage to sit on a wheel chair and ordered to be push on the park as disabled person just to complete the theme.

She couldn’t think where does her brother get these bizarre idea as punishment. She wants to beat who ever put these ideas to her brothers abnormal head.

Such absurdity!

After that, the third day which was yesterday, her brother even both a black bunny uniform patent leather as the next conquest.

She never knew her brother has this kind if fetish… So humiliating… Huhuhu…

The only good thing about yesterday is that she never went outside in that outfit unlike the other previous day.

But she still felt uncomfortable even though it was only her and her brother Li Jun who was at the house yesterday.

She always feel that someone is looking at her every move. When she look around to see who it was her brother was always in the same position like reading a book on the sofa.

It was so weird but even though she wasn’t able to catch her brother in the act she knows it was him who was looking at her.

Those frustrating days are gone her father Li Cheng save her.

And now she was in the car her father fetch her early in the morning to go somewhere.

Gu Jiao gladly went with him to escape further cosplay punishment.

Li Jun also wants to tag along good thing Wang Fang needs him in their company for some documents and projects.

Gu Jiao could breath some air away from her brother. Even though she loves him dearly somehow she doesn’t still have some misgiving about their relationship.

Gu Jiao don’t know what to do and think anymore.

Her mind is still in limbo about their relationship. She don’t know how could her brother not feels guilty about their vague relationship that is already crossing the line beyond siblings.

Gu Jiao look at her father. She knows her heart can’t be taught who to love. But her conscience and love for her father and grandfather also stab at her heart.

Every time she remember her father or even see him. Gu Jiao heart splits in two.

She gave a heavy sigh. She wants to think deeply about this relationship.

But for now she wants to be a good daughter to her father who she have lots of shortcomings.

The things that keeps bugging her mind. She decide that she will cross those bridges when it is there.


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