Chapter 135

Wang Fang gave a mischievous look on Gu Jiao making her more irritated than usual.

Gu Jiao took his bait and returned a glare. She leaned on the table and took all the plate and place them near her and away from Wang Fang.

Looking back at him she gave him a look as if daring him to get the food.

Wang Fang pitifully look at Li Jun asking for help.

Li Jun just close his eyes and sold Wang Fang to the little devil on his lap. He still hold grudge against him on letting Gu Jiao enter that kind of place.

Wang Fang watch himself wide eyed being sold by his best friend. Li Jun this friend of his really did prioritize babe before bros.

He wasn’t even surprised now, he already known the first time in that clinic that he Wang Fang can’t hold a tiny piece of Li Jun’s heart all of it was taken by this petty little devil in front of him.

Wang Fang frowned he sounded like a wife whining for her cheater of a husband d@mn it he sound so gay!

Maybe he should consider his old man’s suggestion on entering the military to lessen his gayness.

Shit he was even considering that bullshit if he really did go there would he delivering his self to his father in a silver platter to be tortured cleanly.

He even hid to his grandfather shadow just to escape his father military clutches.

D@mn it! He Wang Fang can’t even imagine how many times to promise myself that I won’t involved with this two petty person but why dies fate hate me so much to be associated with this two people.

Heaven! Why?! Such a charming me have to be at this two people’s mercy.

Gu Jiao who saw Wang Fang defeated look and was satisfied to avenge herself looking at his pitiful expression she couldn’t really be so cruel on not letting him eat so she gave a plate full of steamed vegetables for Wang Fang to eat and a bowl of rice. And all the rest of the food were in front of her to eat and feed to her brother.

She look behind her and smiled sweetly at her brother then started to feed him and herself, she was already really hungry.

Wang Fang look at Li Jun to ask an aide he was being force to be a monk for eating vegetables.

Li Jun just raises his eyebrow and righteously said: ” Jiao’er is really a thoughtful child, I’m envious of you brother Fang for having a healthy food where Jiao’er specifically choose those for you to eat.” While swallowing the food offered to him by Gu Jiao.

Wang Fang wants to vomit blood. His good brother even shook his head in disappointment but have to audacity to say he was envious while eating meat! Such hypocrisy.

If you were really that envious of me why don’t we change our food! I’ll eat your food happily while you could eat this ‘healthy’ food your talking about!

Wang Fang who doesn’t have the courage to say those words just lament in his heart.

His heartache every time he sees the food in front of him and the wild differences of the food his good brother was having.

He could even have a cute maid on his lap to feed him while seating just leisurely on the head chair. Such life! Such luxury!

He was the envious one ok! Buhuhu…


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