Chapter 134

Gu Jiao saw her brothers hand reach out on her. She took a step back like a frightened bunny.

Looking at her brother who wore an evil grin. She could feel a shudder down on her spine.

That look is an indication her brother is in a full blown teasing. She better escape for her dear life and innocent mind.

Gu Jiao jump more backward but lost her balance. When she saw the floor coming closer to her face she just close her eyes preparing for impact.

Li Jun quickly reach out for her to avoid her fall. Warping his arms around her waist, then hoisting her back in his embrace.

Gu Jiao trembled when she was back on Li Jun’s lap on the sofa. She covered her face in embarrassment feeling her brothers desire. She wanna cry why it was her that was embarrassed in their situation and not her brother who was clearly in a discomfort. Buhuhu so unfair.

Before Li Jun could do anything a knock on the door interrupt them.

Gu Jiao breath a sigh of relief her soul was save. She jump out and made her way at the door without looking back.

Gu Jiao saw that it was their house helper asking if she was going to cook dinner or would Gu Jiao their dinner.

Gu Jiao wants to dig a hole why did she forget what she was wearing right now, look even their maid is looking at her like she has a lose screw in her head.

She just decided that she was going to cook even though she was already tired with her brothers pettiness.

She don’t want to be seen like this. She would die in embarrassment if many more people will see her like this.


After the embarrassing event that happened at the study room. Gu Jiao was now sitting on Li Jun’s lap again at their dining table her face was black as the back of a pot. Her cheeks were puff like a puffer fish.

Her sanity really wants to escape reality. Why does her brother was so bent on continuing this punishment if he already forgave her.

Why does she needs to serve this young master from hand to foot like now.

She already cook their dinner and serve it at the dining table.

But her brother was not even content. He still want her to serve him and feed him while sitting on his lap. What kind of logic is this.

Where could you see a maid sitting on their master’s lap while feeding them. Buhuhu she was not a slave, ok!

Just a slave of love!

And not only that…

Gu Jiao could hear that person snickering in front of them.

This d@mn man name Fang surname Wang decided to visit them right now. Her beautiful face is to thin for this embarrassing moment.

Gu Jiao look up in front and saw Wang Fang funny face that was already red and his eyes are moist in containing his laughter.

Seeing that happy face Gu Jiao just want to die.

Wang Fang was so amused with Gu Jiao’s annoyed face. He was surprised awhile ago when she opened the door with that uniform.

He never thought that Li Jun would really punish her like this… Hehehe… Heaven still love him, his grievance had been repayed. And now he has the last laugh.

He could even enjoy her misery. He was still contemplating if he should visit them or not, risking his life if Li Jun is still in a bad mood regarding last night. His decision to come was really worth it. Hehe… Now he could enjoy her karma…


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