Chapter 133

A few more kisses the two settled down and contented themselves in each other’s arms.

Gu Jiao mumbled her worries in heart asking the question she want to ask more than anything. Even though she knows the answer already.

Gu Jiao: “Brother is this wrong?”

Li Jun just close his eyes. When Gu Jiao didn’t hear his answer look up.

She saw her brother peaceful face with eyes close that has long lashes. It fluttered a little while slowly opening showing two black beautiful orbs.

Li Jun: “Not wrong.”

Gu Jiao had a complicated feeling hearing his answer: “But aren’t we…” Siblings was the word stock on her throat that she couldn’t say.

Li Jun: “Do you believe me.”

Gu Jiao answered unhesitatingly: “Believe.”

Li Jun nodded satisfied with her answer.

Li Jun: “I love you. You love me. Do we need anything else?”

Gu Jiao helplessly just shake her head. Even if she still has some misgiving she just throw it out in the back of her mind.

As long as her brother said nothing is wrong then she would believe him. Even if the world turned their back on them she would still believe her brother.

Li Jun saw her obediently shake her head, had a itching feeling in his heart as if a cat was scratching it gently.

He adoringly pat her head and hug her again in his embrace. Gu Jiao just willingly went in. Closing her eyes to rest. Li Jun also close his eyes when he felt her breathing even out.


When Gu Jiao woke up she was still on Li Jun’s lap and embrace. Looking up she saw her brother was watching her adoringly.

Gu Jiao mischievously open her mouth and said: “Brother already forgave me right. So can I change now?”

Li Jun: “No.”

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes cutely innocently blinking her eyes to convince the unmovable emperor in front of her.

‘Let us see how can you resist this cuteness overload attack I prepared a while ago.’

Gu Jiao: “Pretty please.” Looking like a pitiful bunny that lost its carrots.

Li Jun close his eyes so he wouldn’t be tempted by Gu Jiao’s twinkling hopeful eyes.

Li Jun: “No.”

Gu Jiao pouted and puff his cheeks like a squirrel in annoyance.

Gu Jiao: “Brother are you a pervert who loves cos-playing.”

Li Jun opened his one eye and look at her. Looking at her annoyed appearance, smile gently and nod his head in agreement. While giving her a through look from head down to her toes.

Gu Jiao soul flow out of her body in shocked. She dazedly look at her brother in surprised.

She couldn’t believe it. Her cold righteous brother had gotten a lewd hobby of cos playing.

Gu Jiao suddenly realize something. A hard thing was poking her legs.

Gu Jiao’s brain was suddenly fried and exploded. Is that ‘thing’ was known as little buddies by boys.

Then that ‘little buddy’ which hard means that her brother is arose. Which mean her brother wants to do ‘that’ right?

Gu Jiao who was in limbo was already dizzy in thinking.

Li Jun was enjoying his little sister bewildered gaze. She was like a rabbit that was about to be eaten defenseless  on the big bad wolf on front of her.

Gu Jiao brain reach its limit when he felt that certain ‘thing’ twitch.

She jump out in fright.

Li Jun couldn’t help the amusement brewing inside him and let out a chuckle. It was really amusing teasing his little rabbit.

Looking at her frightened eyes looking at him innocently. He couldn’t help the feeling to eat her clean be restrained anymore.

Li Jun stood up and reach out his hands.


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