Chapter 132

When Gu Jiao felt her troubled soul calm she mumbled on his chest while silent tears poured down on her eyes: “Jun gege, Jiao’er is really sorry past night.”

Li Jun just grunted to know that he was listening.

Gu Jiao: “Brother, Jiao’er won’t do it again.” After saying that Gu Jiao’s voice choke with her tears.

Gu Jiao: ” Brother Jiao’er is really sorry.”

Li Jun who felt that the person in his embrace was already trembling rise his hand and lovingly pat her back. He listen and didn’t talk, he knows more than anyone Gu Jiao needs to release what was inside her or she would get sick later.

Gu Jiao felt the warm hand gently patting her back, her emotions poured out making her cry out loud on her chest while hugging him tightly.

Gu Jiao: ” Brother I’m really sorry, really really sorry. Putting brother in harm. Jiao’er is really really sorry.”

Li Jun just hug her and continuously pat her back to sooth her. His sister really was a kind person to feel this guilty for a little setback. He really couldn’t afford to take his eyes off her.

Listening to her repetitive words of sorry, and hearing her crying self. Li Jun just let her be. He supportive-ly become her crying shoulder.

When Gu Jiao calmed herself after a few minutes of whaling. She look up to see Li Jun’s dark intense eyes watching her adoringly.

Gu Jiao: “Jun Gege…”

Li Jun wipe the remain tears in her puffy red eyes.

Li Jun: “Your already this big but your still a crybaby. Crying in every little thing.”

Gu Jiao pouted: “Brother, Jiao’er really knows wrong.”

Li Jun: “Jiao’er don’t do it next time. If there is someone you want to stab with a knife. Let brother knows. Brother will hold the knife with you to stab that person. Okay?”

Gu Jiao nodded her head obediently: “Brother. I really like you.”

Li Jun smiled gently hearing those words: “I love Jiao’er the most.”

While looking at her intensively.

Gu Jiao could feel that his eyes was pulling her in a vortex of doom with no return. Yet despite the dangerous feeling she was willing to be pulled in it.

Gu Jiao: “No. I love brother more!”

Li Jun felt his heart become full again: “I forgave you. Jiao’er just don’t do it again. Don’t put yourself in danger. Brother would rather be hurt and died a thousand times than see you get hurt. Don’t test brother’s sanity when it comes to you.”

Gu Jiao could feel his protectiveness and feeling with his words.

Gu Jiao nodded obediently again: “Then brother I also don’t want to see you get hurt. Jiao’er would also would rather die than hurt you.”

Li Jun looking at her directly could feel her sincerity along the deep feeling with her words and innocent beautiful eyes.

He leaned down and kiss her lips. Deepening their kisses to Savior the warm feeling they both have and share to each other.

Li Jun watching her slowly close her eyes followed her. Closing his eyes to clearly feel the warmth coming from her body. He put his hands on her back and head to support her.

The two continuously nipping each others lips savoring their time and strengthening their bond.


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