Chapter 131

When Gu Jiao returned on the study room she saw her brother finish talking on his phone.

Li Jun look at her and sat comfortably on the sofa and pulled the book he was reading before then continued reading.

Gu Jiao pouted when her brother didn’t say anything. She started to prepare for the things and started cleaning.

When Li Jun heard the vacuum cleaner he gave a glance at Gu Jiao who was busy moving around. He just contented himself on watching Gu Jiao move around.

Gu Jiao who knows none the better just kept cleaning. After a few minutes of being busy Gu Jiao was engross on cleaning even singing along the vacuum sound.

She didn’t realize how tempting her position is in front of Li Jun. Somehow she had travel in front of him without her knowledge.

Li Jun narrowed his eyes while looking to a defenceless little rabbit that was engross on cleaning. Her position at this point was too much for a healthy young man’s mind.

Seeing the wriggling buttocks of Gu Jiao while she was bending down cleaning. With her smooth silky white delicious legs.

She didn’t realize that her maid uniform was slowly rising to a dangerous height behind her. Li Jun was intently watching how the piece of cloth inch by inch climb up on her legs.Teasing his wild imagination and restraint.

Before it had escalated to anymore blood inducing situation. Li Jun pulled Gu Jiao to his lap.

Gu Jiao was taken by surprise at the sudden force that pulled her. The vacuum cleaner that was still in her hand was taken away by her brother.

Li Jun turned it off and fix Gu Jiao in a much more comfortable position where Gu Jiao ended up Straddling on him.

Li Jun: “Alright, stop cleaning now or you’ll send my blood pressure sky high.”

Gu Jiao: “Tsk tsk… Brother is a pervert peeking under the girls skirt.”

Li Jun rise his brow while his mouth twitch on the side.

Li Jun: “So you intentional tried to seduce your brother then.”

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes. She should have not blurted out her plan now her brother knows she plans that blood inducing teasing.

Gu Jiao: “Brother you heard wrong. I’m innocently cleaning you know. Really I’m a good girl.”

Li Jun watching her panic and made more blunder with her words couldn’t help but pamper her.

His sister that he spoiled since they we’re young really couldn’t lie to him. He love her so much that his heart aches.

Gu Jiao who was panicking and spouting nonsense felt her brother’s gaze on her.

Looking up, he saw her lovingly look at her. That pampering look full of affection trigger her emotion fully.

Gu Jiao tears slowly made her way out of beautifully eyes.

Li Jun: ” Why the tears?”

Gu Jiao: “Because brother is looking at me like that.”

Li Jun felt helpless, he rise his hand and wipe her tears with his thumb.

Then slowly hug her to coax her to stop.

Gu Jiao felt the warmth surround her whole being. Her leaned on her brothers strong chest. Aligning herself to his besting heart.

Gu Jiao troubled emotion calm down. Her brother really knows her best. Even without talking about her guilty feeling, he could still lift up her mood and cheer her up even with her talking it out loud.

Gu Jiao sunk in deeper on Li Jun’s embrace. Making a comfortable silence surround the both of them. Creating a world just for the two of them.


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