Chapter 130

Gu Jiao heard Wang Fang groan. Even though she was guilty, she couldn’t help to tease him. But that aside he should quickly made and escape before brother Fang could think of a reasonable argument to her.

Gu Jiao: “So, brother Fang what do you need my brother for?”

Wang Fang: “I called to tell him those ‘friends’ of yours last night was already put to jail. They were also diagnose of using drugs and was caught red handed having drugs on their belongings. Tsk… Jiao’er next time you better not associate yourself with people like this or else your brother would lock you up in a tower.”

Gu Jiao was surprised her brother is really fierce the enemy that tormented her in the previous life was put to prison just like that.

D@mn why didn’t she hug his thick fat golden thigh before maybe her life will be smooth sailing as it is now.

See even the enemy that cause so much heartache we’re defeated just like that. Li Jun really is an immortal from above.

Wang Fang: “And tell him I need him for some business matters. His decision are needed as soon as possible.”

Gu Jiao: “Okay. I’ll tell him to just call you back immediately. And to unblock you on his contact list. So brother Fang don’t be mad anymore ok. Hehe Jiao’er is really wrong this time. How about I bake a cake for you one of this days. And don’t worry I won’t associate myself to bad people.”

Wang Fang sigh and answer: “Good I’ll await your cake it better be delicious and to my taste. Humph.”

Gu Jiao found her life saving grace. She escaped from Wang Fang to find Li Jun to report.

Gu Jiao went to the study room to call him.

Li Jun who was leisurely reading a book look up when the door opened. He saw Gu Jiao enter. He raised his eyebrow questioningly.

Gu Jiao: “Brother Fang called to report. He said to unblock him to your contact because he needs to talk to you about important matters.”

Li Jun nodded in acknowledgement.

When Gu Jiao was about to leave. Li Jun called her to wait. Turning around she saw her brother put the book aside on the side table

Li Jun: “Clean this room. I want it as spotless.”

Gu Jiao who improve her mood when she heard the news from Wang Fang wants to cry and throw tantrum again. Her face was black and she pouted her lips.

She was already so tired. This punishment really is too much for her delicate self.

Her brother is without mercy not even holding back on making her do things. Like buying boiled tea eggs outside, making her peel it to eat, buying milk tea then making it drink, serving him hand to foot, then make her clean the already clean apartment and now his study room that doesn’t even have dust. And on top of it all she have to wear this maid uniform.

[Boiled Tea Eggs- boiled eggs that were soaked on tea leaves. Usually could buy in street vendors]

What should she clean here! It was already spotless! His people are so capable you know. Gu Jiao could only lament in her heart.

She doesn’t have the courage to voice out what she wants. After all she was in the wrong.

She just poutedly went to get the vacuum cleaner.

Li Jun slightly raise his lips, seeing her sister wronged look. He couldn’t help to tease her more.

He called back to Wang Fang  after Gu Jiao went out.


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