Chapter 12


Li Jun felt comfortable holding Gu Jiao’s hand. He continually rub the small paw of Gu Jiao.

‘Such a small soft hand… So comfortable’ thought Li Jun.

Gu Jiao was embarras, the little one in her heart was holding her face~ Big brother my hand buhuhu… please let it go… I promise i won’t touch you next time… ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

“What plans do you have for the holidays?”


“Let me hear it.”


“What’s wrong?” 

Gu Jiao could not evade him, couldn’t even come up an appropriate answer, Gu Jiao had ended up in the a situation like those that girls her age can think of. :”Can I play?” 

Li Jun raised his eyebrows with an extremely rare expression on his face. Gu Jiao pinched his hands, her palms were slightly sweaty from her nervousness, an outstanding person would naturally admire other outstanding people, birds of a feather flock together. Gu Jiao regretted her answer to that question.

‘Would big brother think lowly of me? I can’t be an outstanding as you! ok…’ (πーπ)

Gu Jiao had worked hard in her past life, to the point where she slept only two hours a day for a period of time, she went to the office during the day and studied hard in the night, vomiting  of blood was just a part of her daily routine, only after fainting and being sent to the hospital to many times to count did she lament on it. 

‘ I don’t want to work hard anymore where I need to stay in the hospital because of exhaustion. I just want to stay as lazy as possible. I’ll work to the minimum to support my self then relax and enjoy my carefree life. So please don’t give me that kind of look..’ (つ﹏⊂)

Her qualifications were ordinary, her brainpower was ordinary, and her person was also ordinary, even her luck in life is ordinary or not because she died to early, there was no way for her to reach the peak.

In this life, Gu Jiao only planned to be content if what she was able to get before she becomes an adult, if she could hug Li Jun’s golden thigh that would be the best, but if she didn’t manage to then she could go back to her hometown with her uncle. She would invest in some small business that she knows that will become a hit in the future. Help her uncle to have a family and continue to have a leisure life. Her only wish is to live peacefully, she didn’t want to die a grieving death again.

Li Jun had quickly noticed that the little one wasn’t in a good mood, his sharp eyes swept over her thoughtfully. 

‘She’s still a child barely 9 yrs old I think it’s normal for her to play. Should I accompany her to play?’

After coming back from her daze, Gu Jiao realized that she had forgotten herself and immediately looked towards Li Jun.

Li Jun was staring steadily at her as if he could see all of her, Gu Jiao’s heart skipped a beat and her breathing was jumbled up. 

‘Brother your eyes, are like a bottom pit. Don’t look me so intently I would drool over your handsome face and seductive eyes.'(つд⊂)

“Since you have no plans, it will be fine if I arrange it for you.”


“Replacement classes.”


Replacement classes? ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ Let me cry for a bit first, the hell are you trying to replace, I even wanted to skip a grade, my grades aren’t too bad, you already agreed for me to skip class. So why are you suggesting for replacement class! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I want to play ok! (┳Д┳)

Then the car start moving again, green lights all the way, go go go, this is great, Gu Jiao was pretending to be a dumb child in front of Li Jun but she was over twenty after all so naturally she had plans, great god please don’t play around! Who would want to have a replacement classes in summer vacation o(╯□╰)o

If you would be good we can still be brothers! (✿ヘᴥヘ)

Gu Jiao gave a teary-eyed and fell into sadness in a moment, like a bunny dropping her ears, as though if Li Jun dared to insist, he would dare to let her tears fall and throw a tantrum. 

Li Jun who was an exceptionally tough person had mysteriously felt a bit moved:”Be good, when I was about your age, I scored full marks in all my subjects, look……”He babbled on incessantly, and at the end he even brought up the skipping of grades:”You want to skip grades right, your required to have replacement classes to catch up with other students when you enter.” 

Oh~ The brother in front of me must be a fake brother, Li Jun would not talk as much and won’t worry if I can’t catch up or not.

“Are you listening to me?”

No good, big brother’s eyes are getting colder, I know you care about me and you want the best for me, but in my past life I’ve really tried, I could pass my class just fine, really! Not everyone can become a genius just by studying hard, getting first place, first in the city, or the whole country and whatnot, even if Gu Jiao had brought all the knowledge from the past life with him he could not achieve it.  

‘Brother! Someone like you is an Immortal full of talent I’m just a mere mortal! Please Spare me!’ (シ_ _)シ

GU Jiao rolled her eyes, there was no reason at all to compare, everyone had a different pursuit in life, hum hum. I, again would repeat I just want to live a leisure and carefree life! Amen. ʅ(́◡◝)ʃ

Gu Jiao turned her body and looked out the window with her lips pouted, child, this aunty is not going to play with you any more, He controlled her more than necessary hump! Let’s see fufufufu this aunty is in a child’s body can throw a tantrum…Ψ(`▽’)Ψ

Li Jun made a move, he wanted to move her back, but Gu Jiao was very stubborn and she grabbed onto the door handle, the veins on Li Jun’s forehead has even popped out, he can deal with her no more, he simply stretched his hands out and forcefully hugged the little one by the waist and brought her over to his legs!

Gu Jiao: ⊃゜Д゜)⊃


  Gu Jiao: (◯Δ◯∥)


Gu Jiao was dumbfounded:”What are you doing?” (⑉⊙ȏ⊙)


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