Chapter 13 Part 2

Bullied Part 2


Gu Yi Ning was so scared and was clearly not doing anything wrong, but she was like a thief who was found to be in general: “I’ll was just looking at it …”

“This Prince sees that 50 times is too little for you.”Mo JIan Chen frown, the deep eyess are full of vigilance. Previously, it was in Ming Xian Zhai. Today, in the Jing Ya Ge, a good lady, Miss Gu Yi Ning, suddenly changed her temperament. Today she even broke into the Jing Ya Ge Pavilion. Who is she? What is the purpose? Fortunately, Bai Ye told him that the Eight Princess had gone in the direction of the Jing Ya Ge, otherwise today will not be caught by him.

“I didn’t! I really just want to come in and visit!” Gu Yi Ning grievously explained to Mo Jian Chen, why did he always let her think that he was guarding her? Why do you have to be punished for family training when you simply visit? Gu Yi Ning felt more wronged, and watery big eyes staring straight at Mo Jian Chen.

“There is no need to explain to this Prince,” Mo Jian Chen did not have any extra patience to listen to her explanation, “You get out for this Prince.” 

“Come out and come out …” Gu Yi Ning whispered in her mouth, shut the door with gas, and went straight to the front door, and it was unlucky enough to cross over here. It was unfamiliar here. No one but her servant maid could accompany her, and when a eight princess did not say that he had been hated by eight Prince, it’s really impossible to live on this day.

Crossing over to return-now Gu Yi Ning is full of these four words. Since it can cross over, there must be a way to cross back.

Back to Zhi Yuan Pavilion, the first thing Gu Yi ning did was to clean up the entanglements and pack up. Huan’er stood silly looking at her on the side: “Miss, what are you doing?” 

“Can’t you see it?” Gu Yi Ning was busy with her hands, and there was no space to look at the maid. “Clean up, where to go back!”

“Miss … Did you have a quarrel with the eight Prince? ” The maid looked at the Gu Yi Ning with concern and anxiety on the side.

“No!” Gu Yi Ning snorted without hesitation, and now she is upset when she hears anything related to him. 

“Miss…” The maid was so stunned by Gu Yi Ning roar, and could not help but froze, she looked at Gu Yi Ning from the sidelines. 

“And! Don’t call me miss, I’m not your young lady at all,” Gu Yi Ning wrapped up and explained with a sigh of relief. Anyway, it was the person who was going to leave, and it was no problem to tell her clearly. “I shouldn’t have come to this broken place, it’s really inexplicable…” 


The maid around her was like a sister Lin, and as soon as Gu Yi Ning raised her head, he saw the tears twinkling in the eyes of the maid, only to realize that the words were too heavy: “All right … Don’t cry, you will not always call me miss, we are all born as people, and people have their own lives, what is the difference between the noble and the other?”

“What should this servant call miss in the future? “The maid choked and looked at the Gu Yi Ning.

“Call me Ning’er.” Gu Yi Ning took up the things she pack and smiled at the maid. Anyway, she had to go back and she can’t control whatever she calls her. 

Gu Yi Ning just turned and prepared to leave, and she ran into Mo Jian Chen head-on. Unlike the past, This time there was another girl behind him, like a moon.

“Where are you going? “Asked Mo Jian Chen in a low voice.

“Were about to go wherever.” Gu Yi Ning deliberately removed her eyes, and it was clear that she was still angry with Mo Jian Chen.

“It was this Prince who was wrong, and this Prince apologized to you. “

“I can’t afford it~” 

Said Gu Yi Ning, then she was ready to bypass Mo Jian Chen and leave Zhi Yuan Pavilion, but was pulled back by Mo Jian Chen: “This Prince see you in the eight Wangfu is also quite boring, then decided to give you a servant girl, a lot of people accompany you to chat.” “

One more person to chat with? Gu Yi Ning’s eyes again moved to Mo Jian Chen’s body, raise her eyes, look straight in the face of the calm eight Prince, and look at the servant girl behind him, When did Mo Jian Chen have such a conscience?

“Don’t go back, stay in the eight Wangfu.” His eyes were so deep that she could not fathom for a moment what he was thinking.


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