Chapter 13 Part 1

Bullied Part 1


Gu Yi Ning listened to the words of Li Jun, and quietly came to Ming Xian Zhai. It was quiet here, and the silence here seemed to be different from the rest elsewhere. It was so quiet that it seemed to sink all the distractions in her heart. 

She wanted to walk into Ming Xian Zhai as usual, but stopped at the door. At the door, Bai Ye is standing guard, Mo Jian Chen’s personal bodyguard.

“What are the Eight princess doing here? “The Bai Ye looked at Gu Yi Ning in doubt.

When the Bai Ye voice just fell, it was replaced by Gu Yi Ning. She was puzzled:”Why didn’t Mo Jian Chen came to me?”

“The eight Prince have never come back since they went out last night.” Bai Ye inform Gu Yi Ning truthfully.”

 Never came back? Gu Yi ning stunned, then why did Mo Jian Chen told her to go to Ming Xian Zhai?

“When will he come back?” 

“Subordinates do not know,”Bai Ye helplessly shook his head, in the past Mo Jian Chen went out at night, but next day before sunrise he returns to Ming Xian Zhai, but today is so late has not come back, “Isn’t the eight Prince not in the eight Princess Zhi Yuan Pavilion?”

“He was right there for me yesterday…” Gu Yi Ning recalled the scene last night, “But In the middle of the night, he suddenly disappeared again… “

Mo Jian Chen, really is a mysterious man. 

“Forget it, let me go somewhere else.” Gu Yi Ning gave up the thought of staying in Ming Xian Zhai and other things, obviously he was looking for her, but now even the personal shadow guard have not seen him yet, instead of waiting here, It’s better to walk around and wait for him to find her. 

Thinking like that, she turned and left Ming Xian Zhai, walking, she unconsciously came to Jing Ya Ge. In the eyes of Gu Yi Ning, Jing Ya Ge is like a mysterious quiet place on earth. 

 In front of the door is two newly sprouted willows, the spring breeze gently stroking her cheeks, slightly blowing her hair. 

Finally came here, Gu Yi Ning slowly went inside, every step is with anticipation and care, as if will disturb the quietness of the Jing Ya Ge. 

At the door, there were a few servant girl that are standing, they saw her ready to go inside the Jiang Ya Ge, they did not block her, just gave her a slight bowed.

There was such a quiet place around. Did Mo Jian Chen really hid a sick girl in the Jing Ya Ge? If this is the case, then he should be here to protect her, and let not outsiders enter? 

 Gu Yi Ning quietly pushed the door open, gently whispered to test: “Anybody?” “

 There was no response, was the beauty sleeping? Curiously, she probed into the room, but was surprised to find that there was nothing in it, only some decorations on both sides, and a crystal ball in front of it, it could be said that it was a crystal ball, and it seemed to be different from the crystal ball she saw in the past.

Gu Yi Ning just wanted to enter the door and take a good look at the crystal ball in front of her, but was frightened by the low voice behind her and she stopped. 

“What are you doing? “

 It was the voice of Mo Jian Chen, and there was a hint of vigilance in his crisp’s voice. 

Gu Yi Ning was so scared and was clearly not doing anything wrong, but she was like a thief who was found to be in general: “I’ll was just looking at it …”


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