Chapter 13


Li Jun fixed Gu Jiao Position in his lap so Gu Jiao could face him. 

“Let’s talk.”

“What’s there to talk about,” You shameless man!

“What are you thinking about?”

“……”thinking of your sister, she rolled her eyes in her heart.

“You don’t like studying?”Li Jun saw that Gu Jiao was very witty and clever normally, Li Jun of course have already saw some of her grade result from her former school and it’s not bad, why was she so opposed to this:”You don’t want to take replacement classes?”


“Give me a reason.”

Young man, not everything has a reason in this world:”I just wanted to skip a grade.”


Sigh, they’re really going to start an argument:”Because I don’t like studying!”

“Your grades were pretty good from your former school, it means you study really hard. Or were those reports false?”

  ‘You… Young man, why are you so prepared with your argument! This little aunty can’t catch up with you!’

 Sigh, they’re really going to start an argument :”I was studious because I wanted to skip a grade.”  Please let this reason passed already my brain will be damage arguing with you!

Li Jun’s eyes brightened up at the places Gu Jiao could not see, my little sister is very special, she does things the opposite way, if you study hard you can skip a grade to reduce the time, Li Jun suddenly felt like teasing her:”Then even more so you should be taking replacement classes, as long as I’m satisfied with your result over the summer, when school starts I’ll let you enter your first year of middle school.”


Gu Jiao: (°o°;)

Li Jun thought the bait is here, will the little one go for it?

She hasn’t even learned to walk properly and she’s already thinking of flying, Li Jun was not someone who spoke nonsense, if GU Jiao could really do it, he was willing to make a move.

The person who had graduated university for many years was excited, Gu Jiao stared with her big round eyes:”Really?” (இ௦இ)

“Mm, In every result with a satisfactory outcome I’ll accompany you to play wherever you want.”Is it a catch? This was popular with kids, bribery is it? He looked forward to it. Speaking back to it, little sister was very adorable and cute, her eyes are truly beautiful and huge, they twinkle like a star, he wanted to pat her again.

Happiness came too suddenly, and Gu Jiao’s excited face blushed red, she immediately leap over with a “muah” on Li Jun’s face, it had been so sudden with the kiss that was like a snowflakes on top of water.

Gu Jiao just realize what she had done after being happy. Ohhhhh! I’m dead he would retract the deal! hell! why did I kiss him!  Buhuhuhu middle school.. bye bye…ヽ(‘o`;

Li Jun was also surprise by the sudden attack of Gu Jiao. Li Jun was frozen, his whole body was as stiff as a sculpture, but somehow the feeling was very warm but gone in a splitting moment. But he didn’t pursue any further. An unknown feeling is dangerous. 

Gu Jiao was given a confidence when Li Jun just kept silent about the kiss. Her confidence grew as like the highest mountain that is why  she deliberately hugged Li Jun around the neck and gave him another smooch on the cheek, ha ha ha, he’s stiff again! Who asked you to bully me earlier, you deserved it! Young man, you’re so adorable, does your father know about this? This aunty will spoil you to kiss!!! fufufufu… (・ω<)☆

Gu Jiao’s heart was radiant, but it was restless, she twisted around on top of Li Jun’s body, and her little hands hugged around his waist with her eyes narrowed into a smile, it was an exceptional sight. Truly adorable and fitting to her age and image of a naughty and that of a spoiled child.

“Thank you Big brother! I Like brother the best!” (人◕ω◕)

Li Jun’s feelings had gotten more complicated, this foolish little rabbit is so naive and easily deceive how will she be able to live without harm. I should keep an eye on her to keep her safe. A rabbit like her will be easily eaten if not protected. Hmmm hugging her for little while longer is fine too. Hmmmm… Soft and small like a small furry rabbit. 

If Gu Jiao had known what Li Jun’s thinking would vomit blood. Gu Jiao did not think that anything was wrong, she was still thinking about where she wanted to go for middle school.  

 The two were thinking about their own separate matters as the car drove into the school ground. Li Jun got off the car first and Gu Jiao followed..

Li Jun take over all the necessary arrangement and application for Gu Jiao so she could enroll and take an examination for skipping grades on the first day of the school for assessment. 

‘An immortal like Big Brother can already do this even in a young age and without the help of the adult…. Really impressive..’  ☜(゚∀゚☜)

After everything the two went home. 

 Gu Jiao got off on the car her own and hurriedly waved at Li Jun, then left to see her grandfather. 

Grandfather Li was playing a chess on the garden when Gu Jiao approach. Grandfather Li invited her to play. Li Jun then followed her and saw them playing with Gu Jiao losing withing five moves. 

Playing chess with Grandfather Li was an extremely awkward matter, the old man didn’t go easy on a child, he won again and again, Gu Jiao had gotten riled up from playing and kept on challenging him, making the old man extremely happy and please.  

 It’s over, she was left hopeless to lose with just a few moves buhuhuh… so embarassing! She wants to cry! (つ﹏⊂) My grandfather is really strong.  (⋟﹏⋞)


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