Chapter 129

The whole day Gu Jiao wants to really throw an angry out burst she was just keeping herself in check for the sake of her red pocket money and allowance.

Her money are important! She would never allow anyone to take them! Humph.

While doing some task that was given to her by her beloved brother Li Jun the phone on the living room rang.

Gu Jiao answered after the third ring. When he heard Wang Fang’s voice, she was surprised.

Wang Fang: ” Jiao’er? Is your elder brother at home can you call him. Or just tell him to unblock me on his phone. Buhuhuhu… Tell him brother Fang Fang is sorry.”

Gu Jiao who heard Wang Fang grievous tone was astonished. What did this brother Fang did again to be on the block list. Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes.

Gu Jiao: “Eh… Brother Fang did you do this time? Last time you already got punish with workloads, now your even in Jun ge ge’s block list. I admire your guts to provoke brother Li Jun. Should I award you then prepare you funeral?”

Wang Fang doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This two siblings are really the death of him. D@mn it, he wants yo pile a complain for single dog… Him eating dog food because of this two and having to carry out the burns of their misdeed. Why does his life so pitiful.

Wang Fang: “Mei Mei, Little sister, Jiao’er have you forgotten who you called last night to reserve a VIP room?”

Gu Jiao was stab by her conscience. Right, it was brother Fang who she called for reservation without her brother’s knowledge.

Gu Jiao wants to clean her hands regarding Wang Fang misery. She was thinking how to divert Wang Fang to not stabbing her conscience more.

She was also pitiful in the next few days from her brothers wrath. She can’t have another person to care for because of her conscience.

Gu Jiao: “Eh, brother Fang easily agreed to reserve room for me with your own accord. You know?”

Wang Fang was speechless to Gu Jiao’s shamelessness in washing her hand clean. What reserving to his own accord, he thought she was with Li Jun to play ok? He never would in his wildest dream thought that she would go on that place alone with her guards or Li Jun and with unknown people. If he knew he would never over his grave would he reserve a room for her in that kind of place.

Wang Fang defensively said: “I thought it was Li Jun who was instructing you to call me for reservation. You didn’t tell me you we’re with other unknown people.” Wrongfully said.

Gu Jiao: ” But you didn’t ask me if I’m with brother or not. Don’t use a wronged tone on me brother Fang. It was your negligence not asking me for full details.” She righteously said to Wang Fang.

Wang Fang: “You…. You… You …”

Wang Fang was daze he can’t believe that he was drag into this mess to just get punish again. This little Jiao’er is so eloquent he couldn’t even retaliate, this devil girl is really evil so cruel wouldn’t even sympathize with me and still blame me for not asking.

Why does his life became pitiful with this two around he was minding his own business last night. Doing his utmost to finish all the work that was left behind so he could even have a day or two to have a vacation.

Just one call from this two got him in another round of misery.

Life is so unfair to him. He was a good child a handsome fellow, the young master of the Wang Family but why with this two siblings he looks like an eunuch that could be toss here and there.

Wang Fang was endlessly lamenting in his heart how pitiful his life is.


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