Chapter 128

After eating breakfast, Gu Jiao was awaiting her verdict at the living room.

She don’t know what her brother laid in-store for her it made her nervous.

Her imaginations are running wild,she didn’t have any clue what her brother going to do with her.

Would her brother get a belt to spank her? Or would he just again kiss her as punishment?

She hopes for the latter, those beautiful lips are really tasty she wants to kiss them again. Gu Jiao didn’t notice that she was already salivating.

Li Jun who returned from the bedroom saw a daze looking Gu Jiao who has a happy expression on her face.

Li Jun frowned and went in front of her snapping his fingers to wake her up.

Gu Jiao who was surprised voice out her dreams: “Kisses!!!”

Li Jun rise his eyebrow questioningly.

Gu Jiao was embarrassed to be caught dreaming lewdly. She’s such a sinner.

Li Jun: “What you want to be kiss senseless again?”

Gu Jiao blood went straight to her cheeks. She shake her head fervently to deny his words.

Li Jun lips hooks a little on the side.

Li Jun: “Stop daydreaming here wear this and your punishment will start after.”

Gu Jiao who wants to quickly escape in embarrassment took the thing he gave without checking and quickly went to the bathroom to change. She wants to dig a hole to hide in embarrassment.

After going inside the bathroom Gu Jiao took a deep breath and check the things her brother gave her.

When she saw the things he wants her to wear. Gu Jiao face turns black. Such a thing why do she have to wear. She really wants to vomit blood and open her brother head to see what he wants to do to her.

Li Jun who was patiently waiting in the living room look up when he felt someone approaching. When he saw it was Gu Jiao wearing the things he prepared. He check her out openly looking from head down to her toes appreciating every nice view he could see.

Gu Jiao was uncomfortable to her brother’s open scrutiny. She was pulling the shirt of her maid uniform down to trying to hide her snowy white legs.

His brother gave him a costume maid uniform. And its very revealing that she feels so naked infront of him. The skirt is way to short for her comfort.

Li Jun nodded after appreciating Gu Jiao’s outfit.

Gu Jiao who saw him nod in satisfaction was somehow wronged: “Brother…” She called pitifully.

Li Jun heart was scratch and was tickled hearing that sweet voice with that look was too much for his restraint.

Looking straight to her eyes full of grievance only makes him want to tease her more. Like there was some switch that was turned on inside him.

Li Jun: “I have taught it carefully for the next few days you’ll be my personal maid. You’ll have to listen to me or else I’ll confiscate your allowance and red pocket.”

Gu Jiao wants to throw tantrum why does her red pocket was suddenly included. Huhu… She now really knows wrong. Her brother so fierce.

Li Jun saw her pouting wrongly at him. Couldn’t help but smile at her antics. Sadly he was enjoying this to much to forgive her.

And he have to do this for her to remember not to do any dangerous things anymore in the future.


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