Chapter 127

Gu Jiao was awaken by a nudge on her side. She blink a few times and when she saw the darken face of her brother she muddle-headedly slap the hands on her side and shouted: “You impostor! Don’t even try to imitate my brother’s handsome face! He would never be angry with me!” (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Gu Jiao confidently and righteously said to Li Jun.

Li Jun’s face blacken even more, he had been waiting for her to wake up but it was already nearing 9 o’clock yet she’s still asleep.

He was really amaze how could his sister dodge punishment subconsciously. Making herself sleep the whole day to avoid punishment. Tsk!

Sadly Li Jun would not let go of this matter today. If it was not that dangerous he wouldn’t have the heart to even be angry with her. But she really made a mess this time. If he just let her be and didn’t reprimand or punish her a little she would grow really spoiled and would never be sensible even in face if danger.

Not all the time he would be beside her. He needs to make sure she would be sensible enough to not put herself in danger again.

Li Jun with renewed courage whispered to her: “My lovely sister. Do you want me to put all your credit card, allowance and red pocket money be put on hold? If you won’t wake up in a count of three?” Li Jun huskily said.

Gu Jiao in lalala land of dreams, who was counting money was panicking when she saw all the money around her starting to fly away.

Li Jun counted until two when he heard Gu Jiao shouted no and quickly rise up from the ashes of slumber.

Gu Jiao blink a few times. She was confused at first, looking around to find all the money beside were gone she started to panic again. But her vision got hold of her brother’s dark face.

Her muddle headedness suddenly was pulled in reality. Buhuhu her money.

Li Jun’s face got darker every second, he thought that this stupid sister really loves money even dreaming of it. Li Jun’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Li Jun feels jealous of money, does his sister loves money more than him?

Li Jun: “Jiao’er really loves money that much even to the point of having nightmares of it?”

Gu Jiao could feel the chills, she felt that her life was on the line if she said something inappropriate. She swallowed to moisten her dry throat.

Gu Jiao: “Ehhhh… Brother I like money the most!”

Li Jun eyes flashes dangerously hearing her said about her like.

Gu Jiao intuition kick in to save her little life: “But I love brother Jun the most!” While smiling sweetly making her eyes big and cute like a docile cute animal to be pet.

Li Jun killing intent subsided, seeing that tamed appearance he pat Gu Jiao’s head like a dog.

Gu Jiao sighed in relief, her boot-licking is still the best. She should sharpen it more for future usage.

Li Jun who was petting her contentedly a few more times before giving Gu Jiao’s verdict for her sins.

Li Jun: “Then quickly receive your punishment. I got the materials ready for it. Ok? I will wait for you to eat breakfast and after that let’s begin your punishment.”

Gu Jiao wants to vomit blood so much she was in verge of crying. Seriously her boot-licking really didn’t work. D@mn! She really should sharpen it more so that in the future her brother won’t be able to move in her clutches.


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