Chapter 126

Li Jun felt that the body on his arms goes limp. When he let go to take a look at her. She was already breathing deeply and had fallen asleep.

Li Jun’s face darken, this little lady dare to slacken off and just fell asleep while he has to endure this burning desire alone.

Li Jun sighed deeply, looking again and seeing her having a peaceful sleep like a little angel, he couldn’t bare to wake her up. And just contented himself to hold her tightly to ease some of the fire inside him.

When a sound of knock on the window surrounded them Li Jun immediately get off the car carrying Gu Jiao in his arms.

Reaching the bedroom he immediately laid her down and left for the bathroom.

Quickly opening the shower to cool him down. Feeling the ice cold water touch his body his mind sober up a little.

Touching his little buddy that is still clearly excited and imagining the soft body that belongs to the person that laid on his bed. Li Jun started to ease himself alone with the cold shower.

Why does he love this sister so much even sacrificing his pride to nothingness. He would really get back to her tomorrow. He will surely did.


Li Jun who was leaning on Gu Jiao sleeping figure couldn’t help but admire her. She slept like a pig not even guilty on what she had done to make him suffer.

Li Jun promise that tomorrow he would compensate himself to the fullest to release the fire on his heart. He get his phone to call someone and make arrangement for tomorrow’s punishment.

Dare to play with fire and not thinking of the dangers after. Her guts had really gotten big, he had slacken in disciplining her. He had spoiled her too much.

With the promise of vengeance Li Jun gather her in his arms tightly secured and looking for the last time before slowly closing his eyes to sleep.

Gu Jiao slowly opened her eyes. When the sunlight blinded her vision,she blink a few times to adjust for it.

She felt a heavy weight on her waist looking down she saw a muscular arm following the arm to see who it was. Her daze mind woke up when she saw the good looking Li Jun staring intently at her.

She blink a few more times to wake herself up.

Li Jun black eyes are looking at her intently, a sudden bad premonition trust on Gu Jiao’s mind.

Gu Jiao cautiously ask him: “Brother, what are you thinking so early in the morning?” While blinking charmingly.

Li Jun grunted one word that makes Gu Jiao shivers: “Punishment.”

Gu Jiao wants to vomit blood it was so early her brain hasn’t woken up yet on her beautiful dream and he was already ready to punish her.

Maybe she was still dreaming and her beautiful dream turns to nightmare. Yes, that is what happen right? Maybe she was still tired from her little adventure yesterday.

She should go back to sleep and get some more rest and maybe after walking up properly her hallucinations would end la.

Gu Jiao turned over and pulled the quilt over her body and returned to sleep.

Li Jun frowned his beautiful brown in an elegant arc. He narrowed his eyes.

This little ladies guts was really big, punishment didn’t even spooked her. And she had the oddacity to even return to sleep.

Li Jun was ready to wake her up and reprimand her manners. That even forgetting to greet him with a kiss.

But before he could even do that his phone rang. Looking at Gu Jiao’s sleeping back he just turned and got his phone.

Answering the call from Li Cheng.


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