Chapter 125

Lyn Chunhua never thought that what Li Jun offered was the drink she herself tampered with. There’s still a quarter of drink left on the glass.

She had already been drug so after a few more minutes the dosage quickly kick in on her system. 

When Li Jun made sure she was drunk silly that she couldn’t even know her name.

Li Jun called for his people before Lyn Chunhua could even touch him lewdly. Li Jun’s people already barge in and took her away.

Li Jun gave the key to them an instruct them to put her on the room. Then he instructed to collect data with this people along the video on the VIP room they were in. And send it to the police first thing tomorrow morning after their night of rendezvous. He’ll let them enjoy this one last night of freedom.

Then he would make sure that after tonight this people would regret crossing with him and trying to harm his beloved sister.

After settling everything, Li Jun tried to relax his raging lust. Suppressing the drug he took and waited for Gu Jiao to finish her plans, he made sure no accident would happen along the way with his people watching her.

After a few more minutes the door creak open again. Opening his eyes he saw that it was Gu Jiao he stood up and made his way to her immediately.

Without saying anything he dragged her away.


While on the car Guy Jiao could feel the temperature inside getting a lot hotter. And her brothers body temperature is hotter than usual.

She was amaze how could her brother have such tolerance and have his mind still clear unlike Hai Bolin and Lyn Chunhua.

Gu Jiao: “Brother are you alright? Should I call the family doctor to give you antidote?”

Li Jun: ” Hmmm. Don’t father will know.” And that woman would make this into even a bigger mess.

Gu Jiao: ” Then what should I do?”

Li Jun: “Just help me ease some of the drugs until we got home. Tell them to prepare an ice bath for me.”

Gu Jiao pitifully look at her. She really mad a mess this time, she even put her brother in a difficult position.

In the future, she should consult to expert such her brother in dealing people like this. She better listen to him carefully to avoid this happening again.

Li Jun look at her, he saw that she was twinkling more than usual, his heart was palpitating, his body convulse, he wants to touch her to ease the burning fire inside him.

He lift her up on his lap making her face him. He lean down and kiss her craving his essence on every corner of her being.

Dominating the kiss, invading and tasting her very being. She taste so sweet that it was addicting.

She was even more intoxicating than any drug. He couldn’t even think straight just touching her.

Li Jun could feel the kiss was not enough and he wants to feel her more.

Tapping a control button on his side, the division between the driven and the backseat came to separate them from the front.

Li Jun deepened his kisses, his hands slowly make its way inside her clothes feeling that smooth soft skin. Li Jun slowly rain his hands on her back.

Gu Jiao who was already into the kiss moan from the contact of his hand. This make Li Jun even more hot and wanting.

He endure to resist doing any other inappropriate things other than touching her.

He just makes himself contented on the things he could do now, kissing and touching her.

Even though this tortured him to the fullest.

After a few more minutes, Gu Jiao who was fiercely kiss. Was starting to have a black dot in her vision.

She couldn’t help but think that her brother is really fierce and aggressive when kissing this will be the second time she will lose her consciousness because of his kisses.

Poor her couldn’t even keep up to her brothers loving.

Then Gu Jiao vision fade to nothingness.


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