Chapter 124

Li Jun leaned on Gu Jiao’s after calming himself. He whispered: “You’ll pay for this later. Punishment will be issued tomorrow.”

Gu Jiao stiffened from Li Jun’s lap. She thought that her brother would let this matter go sadly she was wrong huhu… Punishment! She could feel her soft white porcelain butt hurting.

Then Li Jun took the drink with drugs and drunk it as to not be conspicuous. He just drunk half of it. Gu Jiao could feel something is wrong with the drink! D*mn her brother was intentional.

He clearly knew something is wrong with the drink still even dare to drink. She was puzzled at first why he drunk it.

Li Jun leaned again to her ears as if he was flirting with her in the eyes of everyone inside the room who were in daze watching him. He whispered Hai Bolin’s name to Gu Jiao.

When Gu Jiao look around them to see what was her brother was telling her cryptically.

She saw Li Jun’s drink has the same liquid level with Hai Bolin. Tacitly understanding what her brother meant to say. Even the reason for threat was now very clear to her.

Buhuhu… She really just wants to play around and mess with this vicious people. Aren’t she doing a good job teaching this bad people some manners. Why do she have to suffer later just teaching them.

Look she even made her beloved brother angry and taken some unknown drugs. She now regrets entangling herself to these people.

She could now only grit her teeth to continue, all is done now might as well walk it out to the finish line.

  The group after recovering in the shock on Li Jun’s odd behavior was now trying to appeal to his favor. Trying very hard to form connection.

Gu Jiao sneakily exchange Hai Bolin’s drink which was easily done after all everyone was busy drinking while singing praises to Li Jun.

After an hour Li Jun could now feel the drugs working on him, he murmured to Gu Jiao he was at his limit.

When Gu Jiao learned this she immediately convince the group to now go to their respective rooms which she prepared to rest.

She help Hai Bolin and others get their keys and settle them down. She gave Hai Bolin who was now delirious on his drunken state.

Hai Bolin couldn’t even distinguish from right to left so Gu Jiao easily made their way to another room after she settled the other to their respective rooms.

She left Li Jun with Lyn Chunhua who just came back from taking a break to the bathroom.

When she saw that there are no more people there other than Li Jun with a key on his hand. She was dancing in victories for the opportunity.

She could tell that Li Jun was interested with her if not why would he be willing to be left behind with her, he could just left when he saw her come in.

She made her way to Li Jun and leaned to him. Due to her continues used of drug the normal dosage that she drunk was not enough to make her loose on herself unlike the dosage she put on Li Jun’s drink. So somehow she was still herself with her evil plan.

She leaned in and tried to be as seductive as she was. She made her voice husky: “Brother Jun why don’t we also take some rest. I saw that Guy Jiao left you only a room key. Why don’t we use this to our advantage.”

Lyn Chunhua was surprised when Li Jun offered her a drink. She thought that Li Jun still wanted to get a little more wasted so she drunk the offered drink.

She knows that it would just be the two of them and Hai Bolin would now be doing a ‘good job’ take advantage of that small b*tch.


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