Chapter 123

Li Jun, even though he was busy keeping watch on Hai Bolin to make sure he won’t to any more harm to his lovely sister observe how the other woman in the group behave.

Observing that they give the woman that was sitting near him a sharply glance with anger.

He tried to understand why. He was not ignorant how this kind of woman mind works. He already saw a fair share of green tea bitch and gold diggers.

He had been running his own business for sometime now and he and Wang Fang were at first just a fledgling in this industry they have encountered lots of people that would do anything for money even selling their soul to the devil.

Li Jun don’t want to fall prey on this people he hated them the most. Good thing when he was just starting to socialize in this kind of industry Li Cheng guided him with the help of Wang Fang strict Father.

Both him and Wang Fang learned to somehow read people’s thought and motives through their action. He was still novice on this and needs a lot of experience to really be able to read his opponent but with a new beginner like this people with him right now that they couldn’t even keep the emotion out of their face and be like an open book to him.

Li Jun observe for a few more minutes along with the things on the table, he narrowed his eyes when he saw some substance sunk in the bottom of his drink that was ordered by Gu Jiao to freshen him up. His eyes glinted.

She even dare soil my drink that was given by his beloved sister… Really this people have guts… Really to mess with him like this and even dare mess with Gu Jiao… This people are really seeking death.

He could tell the woman beside him was planning something he would never dare to imagine. And he doesn’t like how this woman who was trying to get close to him, maybe he should also teach this woman some manners like what his sister did. Such a tempting idea his sister is really lovely could even think that idea to counter attack.

This woman even reeks of a very offensive perfume to his nose. He wants to vomit with how strong the scent is.

When he reach his limit he hoisted Gu Jiao on his lap and breath on her neck to lessen his disgust.

Everyone who was inside the room was shock and was left speechless on how Li Jun could smoothly exhibit such intimacy. They had known him as an untouchable Male God. They could even feel how he was enduring their company just to make his sweetheart happy.

Lyn Chunhua was infuriated… Humph just wait dear Male God Li Jun after tonight you’ll be under my clutches I even double the dosage than our normal used. You’ll be salivating later to take me…. Hmmm can’t wait to be taken by you.

Hai Bolin was also surprised but unlike Lyn Chunhua who was already starting to get irrational, had maintained his politeness he needs to find a way to have Gu Jiao to himself so he could execute plan.

Hai Bolin knew a woman like Lyn Chunhua would not pass a chance like this to get a man like Li Jun maybe he could also use that to his advantage. When he saw her put drugs on Li Jun’s drink a sinister smile pass through his lips in a split second. He knows he just need to find a chance to separate the two so he and Lyn Chunhua could do their respective motive.


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